This week Expedia introduced the Expedia Add-On Advantage, which allows customers to enjoy discounted bundled rates, even when they book their flights and hotels separately. The new feature will allow travelers to add on a hotel deal at any time after purchasing their flight up until the day of the trip.

"Packages are still a great way to save, but we recognize it isn't always the easiest or most convenient way for travelers to book. A recent study shows more than 40 percent of people prefer to book their flight first. The launch of the Add-On Advantage is yet another example of how we are listening to our travelers and helping to bring their next trip within reach," says Aaron Price, Expedia Senior Vice President of Global Marketing.


According to an Expedia study, 46 percent of travelers prefer to book their flight and hotel separately. Booking the whole travel package “requires more planning and money up front than adding on a hotel at a later date,” Price says. “We want to alleviate that pressure so travelers can take their time researching neighborhoods, comparing hotel amenities, reading guest reviews, etc.”

According to Price, travelers who choose the add-on advantage can save an average of 43 percent after booking. Although booking in advance is usually the best option for airfare, hotel and car rental prices often vary in the weeks and months before a vacation. By allowing travelers more time to compare options with Expedia or other booking services, they may be able to enjoy greater savings.

"People make an average of 43 searches before booking anything and getting the best price remains the top concern for people booking travel. No longer will they need to visit multiple sites to know they're getting an unbeatable deal on accommodations simply because they booked a flight, car or package," Price says. "Better yet, it takes away the pressure of planning and paying for everything up front."

According to Price, Expedia is currently the only company offering the add-on option. Given that many low rates do not allow changes, travelers should sign up for alerts for cheaper airfare, as well as make hotel reservations that allow cancellations. According to Expedia, travelers who used the add-on option saved nearly $40 million in 2017.

For more information, watch the video below: