For those who are always looking for the next big catch and are willing to travel the world to get it, there are some amazing fishing destinations that can allow you to catch rare fish, some types of sharks, and even fish that can weight up to 700 pounds. These top 10 exotic fishing destinations should be on any serious fisherman's bucket list.

The only question is which one you will visit first. Go "down under" or head to exotic islands, but each of these fishing trips will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you plan on consuming the fish you catch, be sure it's legal and properly prepared.

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10 Cairs & Lizard Islands - Australia


Black marlin aren't found everywhere on Earth so if catching one is something you just have to do, the best place to go is Australia. The waters between Cairs Island and Lizard island provide the perfect environment for these rare fish.

The warm waters allow black marlin to reproduce at a faster rate here than at other warm coastal regions in the Pacific. If you've never fished for black marlin, you may want to head down for a fishing vacation as well as a fun Australian scuba diving experience.

9 Tanzania - Africa

Tanzania is famous for many things from the tallest peak in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the amazing safari experiences available here. However, it's also one of the best exotic fishing destinations.

That wasn't the case not that long ago, but with the discovery of both the Mnyera River and the Ruhudji River, tigerfish weighing over 20 pounds are commonly caught each fishing season. Tigerfish are known for their territorial and aggressive behavior which means not every fisherman who travels here will be able to fight back enough to win this trophy. For an even bigger challenge, give fly fishing a try here in Tanzania.

8 Lake Kariba - Zimbabwe & Zambia

Lake Kariba is a man-made lake that straddles the Zimbabwe and Zambia border created with the construction of the Kariba dam. Kapenta, a small sardine fish was added to the lake to help create a fishing trade.

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However, the tigerfish naturally found the kapenta easy prey and now grow up to 60 pounds in Lake Kariba. Tigerfish, especially those found here, are very aggressive fighters and their sharp teeth rival those of pirana. This has made Lake Kiraba a destination of which fisherman dream.

7 Tierra del Fuego - Argentina

Tierra del Fuego translates to "the Land of Fire" and is a small archipelago of islands at the very tip of the South American continent, mostly designated as a national park. Isla Grande, or "big island," is remote and desolate, a place you can disconnect from the world and spend a week fishing the waters of the river that stretches from the Chilean side of the island to the other side, part of Argentina.

The brown trout in these waters average over 10 pounds but several have been caught weighing in at over 25 pounds. When arriving at Tierra del Fuego, you will literally be arriving at the edge of the world.

6 The Jungles of Bolivia - South America

The golden dorado is a fish that's hard to catch. Known for both aquatic and aerial acrobatics, golden dorado is rarely found outside of the jungles of Bolivia.

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The four main rivers running through this country are the Secure, the Aguas Negras, the Pluma, and the Itizirama. Due to its rarity anywhere else on Earth and the difficulty you'll have reeling it in this is a trophy fish you'll want to add to your wall of photos.

5 Guyana - South America

Also in South America is the country of Guyana. Over 80% of the country is covered in dense tropical forest and in this small area alone, over 15% of the world's fresh water is contained. Some of the largest fish known to science thrive here, the arapaima.

This fish can easily reach 700 pounds or more which makes reeling it in quite a challenge. Not only are they aggressive but they fight back with violent head shakes that have been known to pull fishermen overboard if not prepared. The Rapanui region is rich with arapaima and this is where you will want to go to catch one.

4 Gulf of Chiriqui - Panama

Heading north into Central America, the Gulf of Chiriqui in Panama is home to Coiba Island and Hannibal Bank. Both locations are great for fishing with large quantities of various types of fish. While this is still an exotic fishing destination, it is becoming easier to travel to it.

The small commuter planes from Panama City are slowly being replaced by larger planes that are much more comfortable as well as faster. With it being easier to get to this fishing spot, more people are headed here each year for fishing and also to explore Mayan ruins in the area.

3 Kiritimati - South of Hawaii

Nearly 1,000 miles south of the Hawaiian archipelago sits Kiritimati. It's also known as Christmas Island and if you are looking to head somewhere remote and completely disconnected from the outside world, Kiritimati is perfect.

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Whether you'd like to land a big mako shark or a yellowfin tuna, you'll find them here and a lot more. Kiritimati doesn't resemble any other location on Earth that's been discovered because it's built solely of coral formation. This means not only are you far from anyone else, but you'll also enjoy some of the best Pacific Ocean views available anywhere.

2 Iliamna Lake - Alaska

Several exotic fishing destinations are located in North America, which may not seem very exotic until you get there. Iliamna Lake in Alaska is said to be home to a lake monster, but local scientists believe it is an old white sturgeon that has become top of the food chain and only continues to grow as it ages.

With a chance to catch this lake monster, you'll also find large quantities of northern, cold-water fish such as king salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout, and even arctic grayling.

1 Haida Gwaii - Canada

Farther north in Canada, Haida Gwaii is an island archipelago that has provided shelter and optimal breeding conditions for many types of fish. However, the chinook salmon is why fishermen flock to this exotic fishing destination every year from June to September.

During fishing season, chinook salmon weighing 30 pounds or more are caught on a weekly basis. Referred to as "the Galapagos of the North," you won't want to miss out on an opportunity to fish these waters.

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