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Berlin's Brandenburg Gate is one of the city’s most iconic and popular monuments, symbolizing the division of Germany into East and West during the Cold War, which eventually led to unity in the country after the fall of the Wall. Its building design also represents one of German's most ancient and spectacular examples of neoclassical structures. Brandenburg used to be Berlin city’s main entrance when it was first constructed. Visitors exploring the city could come and climb the gate to its viewing tower and enjoy the beautiful sights of Berlin from atop. Exploring Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate? Here is everything to know.


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Best Time To Explore Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

Situated in the middle of the city, Brandenburg Gate is always open and accessible at any time of the day. Being at the heart of German’s Capital, it can get busy, especially in the afternoons, noisy, and chaotic due to occasional strikes and public events. The trick is getting there by 9:00 am and leaving before the possible chaos start or arriving at 4:00 pm when everything cools down in town. The Gate guarantees beautiful sunset and sunrise views to "early birds" and "latecomers."

The History Of Brandenburg Gate

Constructed between 1788 and 1791 as Berlin City’s entry point, Brandenburg Gate became the very first Greek revival construction in Berlin. Carl Gotthard Langhans, the Prussian court's architect designed the building and was inspired by Prussian Court’s architect in Athens. Standing at 26 meters high, Brandenburg Gate was crowned by the statue of the victory goddess, "Quadriga," while driving a chariot pulled by four horses. The statue remained on top of Branden burg Gate for over 10 years, until Napoleon and his Grand Army had the statue taken to Paris as a sign of their victory.

After Napoleon was forced out from the throne, the statue was packed and returned to Berlin, and the Gate was once again topped off with Quadriga. This time, the statue returned with a change; it became a symbol of victory over France and had an iron cross added to it. During the Communist Era, the statue was removed and returned permanently, during German unification in 1990. Today, Berlin's Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of the unity of the German Capital and the country as a whole.

Things To Do

Take Some Epic Photographs

A visit to Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate cannot be complete without adding some beautiful pictures to one’s Instagram feed. While travelers can always visit this iconic landmark at any time of the day, sunsets and sunrises offer incredible opportunities for taking photographs as the gate is illuminated with different beautiful colors. Travelers preferring taking pictures during the day should take them from Pariser Platz, a spectacular city square guaranteeing epic photos.

Join The Locals In Celebrations

Being an iconic landmark in Berlin, The Brandenburg Gate always has people celebrating almost everything. The New Year's Eve celebrations welcome the new year in style – try and catch that and enjoy live music and other parties held along the city’s streets. Visitors can also experience the spectacular displays of fireworks along the pathways during these celebrations. Visit Berlin during the FIFA World Cup or UEFA EURO and spend time with the locals watching the game between the German team and other players.

Explore The Remains Of The Berlin Wall

The Brandenburg Gate symbolizes the unification between East and West Germany, and there are remains of the then Berlin Wall that got destroyed. Travelers can still visit and see the remaining parts of the wall that stood. Of course, there are signposts showing where the Wall was previously located. Stand in between the line that once separated Germany into two and take some beautiful photographs.

Eat Hearty And Delicious Meals In Top Restaurants Around

Visit the Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer and have a delicious meal cooked by professional chefs. This fancy establishment not only guarantees the yummiest dish; but also offers incredible views of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. Once here, all visitors have to do is relax, enjoy a meal and a glass of wine, and have a luxurious stay in the restaurant.

Another popular restaurant is Wurst Am Brandenburg Tor. Here, travelers will enjoy something German. Order a Berlinian snack, which can include sausages, fries, and, of course, the Currywurst, the most popular dish in Germany's Capital. The dish is mostly served with curried tomato sauce. The best spot to enjoy German food is Wurst Am Brandenburg Tor.

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How To Get To Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate

Germany has one of the most efficient transport systems in the world, including buses, trams, and trains. Residents of Berlin love to ride bicycles - even to work. Actually, a special lane just designed for cyclists is drawn on the roads. Every traveler should experience the cycling culture in Berlin when they visit. Rent a bike and use it to wander around Brandenburg Gate and other tourist hotspots in town.

Walking tours around the Brandenburg Gate are available. A common meeting point is located in downtown Berlin. Walking tours usually take between 30 minutes and 4 hours, depending on a traveler's goals. The tour covers the main of Berlin's landmarks, including the Berlin Wall, Palace Square, and Berlin Cathedral, among others.

There is a lot to explore at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, and travelers can have the most unforgettable travel experience.