Besides being a historic and Australian National Heritage listed road, the Great Ocean Road is one of the most amazing adventures one can take in Australia. The road stretches for a distance of 150 miles passing through some of the most popular attractions in Victoria. While the road trip itself is scenic, there are lots of attractions along the way one has to stop and see and these are the things not to miss out on while on this adventure.

10 Beech Forest

Enjoy towering views of gigantic Redwoods at Beech forest while taking a walk through its lush forests. This little town is located in Otways National park and presents lots of natural things to see and do some of which include - camping in the peaceful forest, exploring cascading waterfalls, and hiking/biking through the trails.

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9 Bells Beach

Bells beach is unarguably the best beach on the Great Ocean Road for surfing. Located close to Torquay, it is also one of the best places for surfing in Australia as well. Besides surfing, the beach also presents beautiful scenery and soft white sand making it a great spot for just relaxing and watching the surfers do their thing on the water.

8 Otway Treetop Walk

Enjoy stunning views of the beautiful rainforest of the Otway Ranges from a 25 m high Otway treetop walk. The walk stretches for 2 km and guests might find themselves spending more than an hour sucking in the scenery as they proceed with the trek. On the Otway Treetop Walk is also a 47 meter-tall spiraling tower that will have guests getting even higher views of the surrounding lushness. For more thrill, there’s a zipline nearby where one can experience exciting slides on ropes attached to the tall trees lined up in the forest.

7 Hopetoun Falls

Located within the Great Otway National park Hopetoun falls is a beautiful waterfall characterized by surrounding lush forests and a 30-m high fall. There is a viewpoint to see the waterfall from the top but taking the approximately 200 stairs down to the bottom is by far the best way to explore this natural attraction. There, travelers will be met with the sheer beauty, mist, and lushness surrounding the waterfall as well as the Aire river and the rocks at the foot of the fall.

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6 Lorne

There are many towns along the Great Ocean Road but Lorne offers a unique type of relaxing atmosphere. Its closeness to the ocean means that one will enjoy an amazing seaside experience on the beautiful beaches and be able to engage in exciting surfing, fishing, and swimming. This town also features unique waterfalls surrounded by beautiful lush forests and lots of trails for hiking and spotting wildlife.

5 Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

Enjoy a delicious chocolate experience at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery located between Torquay and Anglesea. The cafe offers free chocolate testing and a detailed look into the process of its production. But to get a more unforgettable experience of this place, walk through the massive space and browse through the different chocolate and ice cream flavors.

4 The 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles are unique limestone formations that rise above the Southern Ocean. The rocks were previously connected to the mainland cliffs but soon became detached after millions of years of wind and erosion. The trip to this attraction is just as scenic as the sight one will be presented with once at the spot. The limestone formations are actually 8 and seeing the views at sunset or flying a helicopter for a bird’s eye view are some of the best ways to explore this popular attraction.

3 Thunder Cave

Just a few miles to the 12 Apostles is the Thunder Cave - a cave formed by the constant bombardment of the water from the Southern Ocean. The sight and sound of the rowing waves, the surrounding rocks, and the trees and grasses just make this attraction so relaxing, serene and inspiring to watch.

2 The Grotto

The Grotto is just one more amazing geological attraction along the Great Ocean Road formed by years of strong water waves hitting the rocks in its path. In the case of the Grotto, an archway and a sinkhole were formed by this constant bombardment. While one can get a view of this attraction from the elevated viewing platform, taking a look at it from sea level presents an entirely different sight.

1 Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Hungry for some wildlife expiration, head over to the Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve at Warrnambool. The reserve features animals ranging from kangaroos to koalas, emus, birds, and even reptiles. The reserve is also filled with an abundance of colorful trees, grasses, and wildflowers and there are trails located within the reserve where visitors can walk through to see all that this attraction has to offer.

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