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Tomorrowland festival, the biggest and most popular EDM festival worldwide, happens in Boom annually, providing the ultimate high. It brings together hundreds or even thousands of music fans from over 200 nations under one sky and brings them closer together.

Every year since its beginning in 2005, the Tomorrowland music event has showcased only the finest of performers, electronica, and stage decorations. It is without a doubt one of Belgium's most famous music events and is also among the music festivals you can’t miss in Europe. It is the only event worldwide that has actually given music significance and is the omnipotent of all events making it one of 2022’s top music festivals.


If music gets you euphoric and seeing the world's top DJs has always been a desire of yours, or if being a part of the mayhem is your vibe, then Tomorrowland Belgium is the place to be today, tomorrow, and always!

What To See: Experience The Madness

Visitors can look out for these attractions at Tomorrowland Belgium to add some flare and excitement to their journey. What is the point of attending such a spectacular event if visitors miss out on it?

The Main Stage

Year after year, Tomorrowland has set the bar for the most unique platform, which is typically followed by subsequent festivals. The main stage has always been decorated in accordance with the festival's concept. The topic chosen in 2012 was 'Book of Wisdom,' which centered around a mystical library. Everyone is in admiration of Tomorrowland's stage design. With the theme of 'The Reflection Of Love' for 2022, everyone is looking forward to seeing what fresh and innovative design will be employed for the live stage this year.

The Church Of Love

Although not everyone will want to visit Tomorrowland's Love Chapel, its inclusion at the festivals demonstrates the organizers' good humor. The chapel is a little pink edifice where visitors will be greeted by attractive nuns. The chapel features a bed and is painted with a heart as a sign of love. Visitors can take memorable photos with their friends here.

The After Movie

Last but not least, everyone is looking forward to the Tomorrowland after-movie. It's hard to imagine, but the Tomorrowland 2012 after-movie has received over 82 million views. The aerial pictures of this larger-than-life event with a wonderfully mixed soundtrack are not to be missed. This 20-minute movie highlights why millions of people flock to Tomorrowland each year.

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The Tickets

It's no surprise that tickets for the Tomorrowland Fest in Belgium sell out quickly, and securing one is nothing short of a stroke of luck. If visitors' key concerns are 'how much would it cost' and 'which ticket to buy,' they should be aware that admission to the Tomorrowland music event necessitates both perseverance and budget. Aside from that, there's always spontaneity.

Tickets Without Camping

  • Full Madness Pass: It allows anyone to visit Tomorrowland Belgium on any given weekend
  • Full Madness Comfort Pass: It grants public admission to Tomorrowland and access to the VIP zone at the Mainstage and four other stages on any given weekend.
  • Magical Friday Pass, Incredible Saturday Pass, and Glorious Sunday Pass: It only allows general entrance to Tomorrowland Belgium on the designated day.

Tickets With Camping

  • Magnificent Greens: Visitors carry their own tents and anything else to Magnificent Greens.
  • Magnificent Greens 1P/2P Tent - Visitors can grab a Tomorrowland tent after they arrive.
  • Magnificent Greens Camp2Camp - They will set up a previously owned camp for visitors.
  • Friendship Garden - Get nine buddies, and visitors will get a special camping space with a gazebo set up. Visitors must bring their tents.
  • Friendship Garden Camp2Camp- Find nine pals and obtain a dedicated camping space with a pre-pitched canopy and pre-pitched tents.
  • Easy Tent 2P/4P - Reserved area with pre-pitched Tomorrowland-themed tarps for 2P/4P.
  • Supreme Easy Tent 2P/4P - Exclusive area with pre-pitched premium Tomorrowland-themed campers for 2P/4P.
  • Relax Room 2P - An exclusive area with a container-like chamber for 2P.
  • Dream Lodge 2P - A private tent for two people in a private location.
  • Kokono 2P - A two-person tent in a two-person space.
  • Cabana 2P - A private tent for two people in a private location.
  • Ensuite 2P - In an exclusive region, an exclusive tent-like facility for 2P.
  • Mansion - A compound that costs roughly 50.000 Euros and can accommodate up to ten people. Tickets to the festival are not included.

Global Journey Package

The Global Journey package combines the above-mentioned camping passes with travel accommodations. These travel arrangements can be made by bus, train, or airline. Tomorrowland places a high value on Global Journey packages, as these are the ones that don't sell out right away.

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What To Eat

If visitors are heading to Tomorrowland, they won't have to worry about food since this music festival literally offers the globe on a platter, and it's nothing short of mouthwatering! Tomorrowland understands how to keep the palate satisfied, from allowing visitors to carry their own food and drinks to encouraging them to sample cuisines from around the globe during the event.

Besides the event, the village of DreamVille has a variety of restaurants and shops. Visitors can enjoy the delicious flavors of Belgian cuisine while having a great time.

Tips For The Festival

  • Pre-register for the passes and be proactive.
  • If visitors want to discover more and get the most from the day, show up early at the location.
  • Don't expect to spend the entire festival on the main stage; there will be plenty of other things to see and do.
  • If visitors plan to split out from their group, designate a rendezvous spot to avoid getting lost in the bustle.
  • Visit the food stations to sample cuisines from around the globe.
  • Visitors could find perfume in the restroom, but not sunblock, so bring their supplies.

Tomorrowland, the world's largest and wildest electronic music extravaganza, is an unforgettable event that everyone should have at least once in their lives. So all the music lovers out there, get ready as Belgium should be your next trip!