Sydney is one of the big cities in Australia and an interesting one, for sure. There is so much in Sydney to see and experience that the city receives millions of visitors per year. The city of Sydney is found in the New South Wales state of Australia. It is the most populous city in the country. The environment is quite friendly hence the high number of visitors.

People visiting Sydney seek so many things. Not all of them go there for tourism since it is also a great business destination. Sometimes, one may be visiting the city as a tourist for a short period. Here are things to do in Sydney within just three days.

10 Explore Royal Botanic Gardens

This is one of the places one can visit when in Sydney for just three days. The Royal Botanic Gardens forms an expansive oasis just in the center of the city. Getting into the area is free, making it easy for visitors of all kinds to experience. One can enjoy the park, as there is so much to see. It is a relaxing area with ferns, roses, palms, rainforests, herbs, and various species of flowers and plants.

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9 Tour The Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is one of the most significant and recognizable buildings one will find in Australia. This building can be recognized by anyone who knows Australia. The main attraction point of the building – even from a distance – is the architecture. It is also found on the Sydney Harbor Bridge, with amazing views of the sea. The Opera House is magnificent and offers many attractions – top of the list being the performances that take place there.

8 Blue Mountains Tour

One can also decide to get out of the city for a while and explore neighboring and interesting areas such as the Blue Mountains. They are the most popular mountains near Sydney. The Blue Mountains are known to be covered by tall eucalyptus and offer several attractions such as waterfalls, canyons, cliffs, sculptures, and beautiful views. A hike to the mountains and the park within is definitely worth it.

7 Visit Sydney Harbor Bridge

This is yet another popular attraction in Sydney for both locals and foreigners. It is also referred to as a "hanger" by the locals. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is a landmark in the city and an impressive architectural structure built-in 1932. At the time, it was the largest steel arch bridge in the world. The bridge has a height of 134 feet and provides room for an 8 – lane highway. There are also two rail lines. Visiting the bridge, enjoying the views, and relaxing in the moment are good ways to experience Sydney.

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6 Sydney Tower

The Sydney tower is yet another iconic structure one will find in the city. With the tower standing at a height of 309 meters (about 337 yards, or about ⅒ of a mile), it is clearly visible from a distance. Its height offers visitors a chance to have a good view of the city. Since it is circular in shape, a person can enjoy 360 degrees of uninterrupted views of the city. On the tower, there is also a Skywalk with a glass floor enabling visitors to see the world below them. There is also a great restaurant nearby. For one who is in need of a four-dimensional cinema, this is the right place to visit in the city.

5 Explore The Rocks Area

The Rocks Area is one of the most historic places one can find in Sydney city. For someone with just three days to explore the city, it is a highly recommended region. One of the things to find here is the Rocks Discovery Museum, which offers many stories about the past and modern life of the city and country. The region also offers arts centers, galleries, modern art pieces, souvenir shops, eateries, and handicrafts.

4 Darling Harbor

With Sydney having the ocean nearby, Darling Harbor is yet another interesting and worthwhile destination. This is somewhere one can choose to explore during the day and have a view of the interesting activities of the harbor, zoos, museums, recreational centers, and even aquariums. It is a large area with a lot to see and do, even at night. Some of the attractions include shopping centers, restaurants, IMAX cinemas, and even sporting activities.

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3 Tour Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in the city of Sydney, and it is very accessible. The park is within the city, just along Market Street. It is surrounded by some of the tallest and oldest skyscrapers in the city. Some of the buildings around the park date back to as early as 1810. The park serves as the home to the Anzac war memorial. There are also amazing green spaces for visitors to walk and relax.

2 A Day On The Beaches

Sydney is a very hot city. As a result, one will need a day out on the beautiful gold-sand beaches, which are buzzing with water lovers. And since there are many beautiful beaches around due to its long coastline, it is worth exploring. Some of the best beaches one will find include Manly Beach, Watsons Bay, and many more. Here, there are many things to enjoy including basking on the white sands, swimming, water activities like snorkeling, diving, boat riding, and much more.

1 Luna Park

Luna Park is one of the most exciting and amusing parks one will find in Sydney. Originally opened in 1935 and later reopened in April 2004, it is one of the most iconic parks for a person to visit in the afternoons. When traveling as couples or with family, the park will provide many interesting fun games, rides, and things to do. It receives a huge population every day and has a car parking of about 400 cars. Although, opening and closing hours keep changing depending on the season.

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