Why is it that everybody is running to the Bahamas whenever an opportunity arises? Well, the Bahamas is the perfect escape from America’s adverse weather conditions, especially during winter.

But there is more to this Caribbean Island other than its convenient weather. Vacationers are treated to vast white sand beaches and calm water to facilitate their sailing activities.

Here are the top reasons sailing to the Bahama Exumas is a must-try adventure.

To Experience Exuma's Friendly Weather Patterns

Exuma is an all-weather tourist destination. While the rest of the world is left to deal with devastating effects during winter, Exuma continues to shine, thanks to its favorable climate.


This Caribbean destination serves up incredible temperatures all year round. However, the rain can sometimes be messy in one half of the year. The months between October and May are perceived to be the peak season. Touring Exuma during the peak season means vacationers enjoy the amazing weather the area has to offer.

The best part about the Caribbean weather is that it is a contradiction to what happens in North America. While the north is experiencing winter, the Bahamas has some pretty good sunshine, which gives vacationers more reasons to sail through during winter.

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When vacationing in the Bahamas, nothing should be left to chance. Carry some sunglasses and sunscreen to shield from the region’s scorching sun in the afternoon. The area can also be a bit windy, meaning some fairly light clothing may be a necessity.

Like most parts of the Caribbean Sea, the Bahamas is not immune to hurricanes. Travelers are advised to keep off the area during the wet seasons.

To Enjoy Exuma's Clear Ocean Waters

The biggest challenge the world faces today is pollution. From water to air and land pollution, no aspect has been spared from this menace. Worst still is that tourism and the economy at large are hit the hardest by the pollution problem. But wait! Why is pollution not a major concern in the Bahamas?

Well, this Caribbean destination has done everything right as far as minimizing water pollution is concerned. With over 360 islands, one would expect at least ten of them to be the opposite, but that’s not the case. All the islands here are surrounded by unpolluted water.

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Usually, one would expect ocean water to be bluish but the Exuma has defied all odds to be home to clear waters.

The clear nature of the water brings in another important aspect of tourism; marine wildlife. Even the tiniest of objects are visible through the clear water. Vacationers who book a glass-floored boat for a tour around the various Bahamas islands are treated to a marine experience like no other.

To Swim With Pigs Of The Bahamas

Many stories have been told about the swimming pigs of the Bahamas, but which of them is factual. Are the stories real or mere myths told to the outside world? Visiting the region means one doesn’t have to rely on stories anymore. They get to experience the spectacle first-hand.

The swimming culture of the pigs is said to have emanated from fears of Exuma Island locals. At some point, their online systems were shut down, and that caused panic about a possible food crisis. The quick-thinking locals hatched a plan to send pigs out there for breeding.

Locals would then feed their pigs. With time, the pigs mastered the sound of boat engines and knew they would get some food - talk about good memories!

With time, the pigs began swimming toward every boat anticipating some food. That movement created a unique spectacle only unique to the Bahamas. To date, the pigs behave the same way. Witnessing the pigs move around in the clear Caribbean water creates the sense of a successful Bahamas adventure.

To Swim With Exuma's Sharks, Dolphins, And Other Incredible Marine Life

A trip to the Bahama Exumas would be incomplete without some adrenaline jerking experience. The perfect activity in this category to match the Bahamas vibe is swimming with live dolphins and sharks.

Although the experience can be quite nerve-wracking, cases of shark attacks here are rare with certified, trained professionals. The subspecies dominant here are quite modest and tend to sit more on the bottom of the sea. Fish, squid, and shrimp are their main distractions, rather than human beings.

The nurse shark is a popular creature in the Bahamas. This fish is known to have small but strong jaws, and is a fascinating species to watch in its natural habitat. Swimming along with the fish is such a unique experience no one should miss. Also, there is a dedicated bay where vacationers can get up close and personal with the island's more gentle, native marine life.

The Bahamas is nothing like an ordinary tourist destination. It is more of a luxury gateway characterized by friendly weather patterns, clear oceans, and vast beaches. With so many tour companies operating in the area, moving around from one island to another is hassle-free.