Croatia has a lot to offer to travel lovers, including some of the most beautiful national parks and wilderness (both wild animals and birds thrive here by the way). There are glorious islands to explore, beaches, and one wouldn’t have to ‘rob a bank’ to have the most amazing stay in this European country (people bargain so one can let their wallet rest!). Isn’t that enough to keep a tourist happy for a week or two? Being one of the most beautiful safari destinations, here is everything one can do in Croatia, depending on which month they’re visiting.

8 April - Easter Celebrations

Anyone would agree that the tourism year for Croatians starts in April; the month of the greatest celebrations – Easter! It is also the month when the country takes a break from the long winter. Easter season is the most significant time of the year since Croatia is a typical Roman Catholic nation. Families and extended relatives come together to reconnect and celebrate. Travelers can also enjoy the experience of the Croatian tradition as well as religious processions happening across the country. Visit the Island of Hvar to have the most amazing time of the year (this is where the celebration is intense). And if you are looking for a time to spend the least in the major airlines, April is the month to visit Dubrovnik, Zadar, Split, Pula, and Croatia’s other vibrant cities.

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7 May - The Swimming Season

Tourists start to arrive in Croatia in May. Starting with the traditional May Bank Holiday celebrations, this is one of the best seasons to travel to Croatia. All the hotels in the Coastal region are packed with visitors to experience the country’s celebrations. There are even other exciting festivals travelers can be a part of, including the Korcula Spring Food and Wine Festival, where hotels in the island join to promote Croatia’s most authentic and indigenous foods and beverages. With pleasant, sunny weather, this is the ideal season for swimming and enjoying sunbathing. People are less crowded at this time so travelers can go swimming and enjoy the peacefulness and quietness for a day or two.

6 June - Less Crowded Summer Season

The weather gets warmer with many large cruise ships and travelers during June. Children are still in school, so families are not flocked to celebrate their holidays. With mid-20C temperatures, the month fully favors the entertainment as the beaches are also not too crowded during this season. There is a lot of variation in Croatia when it comes to weather, but visitors can never go wrong timing the less crowded summer season for a fascinating safari experience.

5 July -The Peak Season

This is the time when Croatia is at its peak as a school is closed and everywhere is full of people – the hotels, beaches, restaurants, and of course, private apartments for lovers. The locals make more money during the peak season. It’s a 'money-making’ season, so don’t be surprised someone is taking 6 jobs. Croatia is more vibrant between mid-July and mid-august, and celebrations are all over.

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4 August – Time for Parties and Festivals

More festivals happen in August - making it the ideal time to visit Croatia, especially the coastal region for music lovers. Spend a whole day at the beach and end your day by having an amazing night party. Looking for something different? The country is full of cultural activities that any traveler can enjoy. Spancirfest is the greatest street festival in Europe with over 400 events held in the Baroque old town.

3 September – Grape Harvesting and Wine Tasting

Croatia is famous for its wines and hidden processes that make inspiring flavors anyone wouldn't want to miss. The shores of Dalmation and Danube River are known to be the main wine-growing places, and one can taste a wide variety of wines. Also, the locals harvest grapes in September! The grape harvest in Croatia gives a completely different wine cultural experience. Travelers get immersed in vines traditions, especially in Hvar. Children go back to school, parents get back to their jobs, and that’s how the masses disappear. The peak season’s madness is over, temperatures are lower, and visitors have a lot of space for spending time at the beach, swimming, and cycling. What a perfect time of the year to visit Croatia and discover the beauty of the lovely European country?

2 October – Learn Croatia's History and Heritage

It is not just about the Indian Summer in the coastal region. One can also learn a lot about the heritage and history of the country because the locals are less busy in October. There is a lot of time to learn how some of their favorite dishes are made and experience their hospitality.

1 November – The Olive Season

Olives are not just a part of Croatia’s history, it brings a sense of pride for the locals, with November being the month of harvest. Since the arrival of Greeks in Croatia, Olive oil has been an all-time favorite to the people with families and friends joining to celebrate the season. Travelers will only enjoy the harvesting activity here. The experience takes tourists beyond that and lets the tourists enjoy the traditional touches.

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