Phi Phi Islands are 6 islands in the Andaman Sea. All of the islands are very popular and beautiful, the islands are a dream place to visit for many and are known for clear sparkling beaches and hot weather. In 2004 a tsunami hit Phi Phi very hard and every day people are working hard and helping with the island's recovery. This is one of the most stunning destinations in the world and everyone should get the chance of seeing it all!

10 When To Go

The Phi Phi Islands have hot weather all year round with temperatures of 24 to 32 but in the winters of November to March is probably the best time to go as this is when it’s a lot less humid. Temperatures will be around 28 with cool breezes. In September and October there are very heavy rainfalls, so tourists that want to do outdoor activities will need to avoid these months.

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9 Where To Stay

There are many places to stay in Phi Phi in the north or the south but the experience can be different. In the north, there will be fewer tourists than in the south. The bad side about staying in the north is that restaurant prices are twice as much as in the south and there isn’t much to do in the evening, this part is good for tourists not interested in nightlife. The most iconic place to stay in Thailand is in the spectacular beach bungalows at the Phi Phi Village Beach Resort. Here guests can even relax on their own private beach with food and cocktails in the sun.

8 How To Get There

There are two ways of getting to Phi Phi Island, there is a ferry or a speedboat. Ferries are the most popular and take around 2 hours to get there. Ferries are great for tourists meeting others and they can enjoy food and drinks and even sit or lay on the top deck of the ferry to catch a suntan on the way to Phi Phi. Ferries can get extremely busy during peak season but they are very comfortable and relaxing. Speedboats are a lot quicker and only take an hour but they can be more expensive.

7 Monkey Beach

Monkey beach is a small cove on Phi Phi Island and can only be accessed by boat or kayak but it’s recommended that tourists book a tour boat. Monkey beach is a small area of sand and gets very busy so to avoid this, visitors should try and arrive in the morning before all the speedboats turn up. Many tourists come here to see the friendly monkeys and even though people do, tourists should not feed the monkeys here. The monkeys survive by hunting for food and will snatch anything they can, so tourists need to be careful of their belongings.

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6 Bamboo Island

Tourists looking for a more quiet and peaceful experience should head to Bamboo Island, it's a remote location so it is usually never crowded. Tourists will need to book a long tail boat or here on a day trip by speedboat. It is a good idea for tourists to bring their snorkeling gear as there is lots of marine life here that no one should miss out on. There is an entrance fee of $12, but it is worth the visit and there is even a beach shack where tourists can get food and drink.

5 Pileh Lagoon

Pileh Lagoon is known for being one of the best places for snorkeling. The waters here are unreal and once arrived tourists can jump straight in with some really cool fish. Tourists can get here in just 10 minutes from the Phi Phi pier by taking a long tail boat. The lagoon is only 1 meter deep so is also perfect for people that can’t swim. Tourists should expect to see thousands of colorful fish here.

4 Viking Cave

The Viking Cave is one of the main attractions in Phi Phi, even though it’s not open for tourists to enter anymore, tour boat operators(find another word) will be kind enough to get their boats close enough to the entrance so tourists can still see inside and snap some pictures. Drawings of ancient Viking ships were discovered on the walls that are believed to be by pirates or sea gypsies stopping there for shelter from the storms. There are many ledges inside the cave and these are home to birds called swifts. The nests that are made by these birds are used for bird nest soup, which is popular but the nests are believed to be made by bird saliva.

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3 Food

Seafood in Phi Phi is very popular and fresh and is usually eaten with rice. Tourists can eat fish that is sweet, sour, or even spicy. They can enjoy it barbecued or grilled with many choices of dips or even with garlic. Mango is a favorite fruit in Phi Phi. On the beaches, tourists will find many cafes and restaurants, with Anna being one of the most popular. Here visitors can enjoy a more European cuisine with dishes like chicken noodle soup, meat dishes, and salads.

2 Drinks

Thai cocktails are very popular, some popular ones are Tom Yum Siam, Siam Mary, and Orchid. Tourists can also enjoy Thai beer and Thai whiskey, Chang strong beer and is known for its cheaper prices. For tourists that prefer something non-alcoholic, don’t worry, they can sip on a lovely sweet coconut instead.

1 Climbing

Thailand isn’t just about the beaches and sea, tourists can also enjoy rock climbing. If tourists are not experienced they are recommended not to go alone, there are many centers that offer trips and training. Tourists can rent or purchase climbing equipment here but must make sure to check for damages, tears, or any other problems before using it. Tourists should expect to pay just over $30 for half a day.

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