Walt Disney began his theme park entourage in 1955 with the grand opening of Disneyland. Walt Disney World in Florida came just shortly after, and in the years since, the animated theme park has secured locations worldwide. Disney is known as the "happiest place on Earth" as it gives kids a chance to meet their favorite characters and gives adults the chance to relive their childhood.

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And while each of Disney's theme parks is magical in their own way, some hold higher rankings in terms of ride and food options, as well as general upkeep. Everyone will have their own opinion as to which Disney theme park is the "best," but it's safe to say that guests will feel at home at any of these locations. But in case you're planning your next Mickey getaway, here are all of Disney's parks ranked.

11 Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is the least popular out of all the Disney parks throughout the globe. It's the smallest and consequently has the least amount of visitors. It's actually owned by the Hong Kong Government and simply managed by the Walt Disney Company. However, locals and travelers have high hopes for this park with its 15-year expansion phase that is currently underway. In 2021, the park will have its very own Arendelle: World of Frozen and a Marvel Land in 2023 to celebrate our favorite superheroes.

10 Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios is a part of the bevy of Disney parks in Florida. Its niche is that it boasts on Hollywood culture and gives its guests a behind-the-scenes peek into the making of Disney movies. While Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is sure to boost the rating of this particular park when it opens later this year, it has been depicted as somewhat humdrum amongst Disney enthusiasts. It's live entertainment shows and the landscape was a little worse for wear in recent years. And with its small collection of thrill rides, Hollywood Studios is typically last on the list to visit.

9 Disney's California Adventure

Right from the park's grand opening in 2001, Disney's California Adventure became known as a letdown. It still receives negative reviews, but Disney tries to bring out new waves of entertainment with attractions like the Pixar Pier. The attendance has been on the rise lately (thanks in large part to its Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival), and there are plans for future expansions to make this park feel a bit more lively.

8 Disneyland Paris

In a beautiful city and culture like Paris, France who would have thought this one would be so low on the list? Frequent Disney park attendees are pretty resonated in their feelings for this park.

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This park is actually seeing less and less guests each year, which will hopefully push Disney Imagineers to get the ball rolling on new and improved rides and concepts. On top of that, lines for food and rides are notoriously lengthy and many people know that this particular park is more decrypted than its sister locations.

7 Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is one of those theme parks that you can do once and be fine with not going again. Although some of its rides (like the Expedition Everest) are unparalleled in terms of thrills, the rest is pretty much a walk-through excursion. Clearly, animals are the main attraction at this park, but it doesn't really pay to spend hours at a glorified zoo. However, Disney changed the game at Animal Kingdom when they built Avatar Land. This sector is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that is previously what Disney goers will return to see.


EPCOT is a cultural experience, with little in the way of rides. Even the recently debuted Frozen Ever After attraction saw a steady decline in interested viewers despite the massive crowd it drew in 2016. EPCOT's land pay tribute to the different countries around the world; a concept that resonated deeply with Walt Disney himself. The best thing to do at EPCOT is to try your hand at the established Drink Around The World Game. This was dreamed up by Disney guests who decided to try to see if they could consume beverages from each of the park's countries.

5 Disneyland

Disneyland is the original Disney theme park and a hard one to pass up. For years, however, Disneyland's constant feedback spoke to the park's upkeep and renovations. Disney fans have also found this park to be smaller and slightly less thrilling to Florida's Magic Kingdom. Thankfully, Disneyland has picked up the pieces and fans are ecstatic to see new additions to the park. Star Wars' Galaxy's edge was recently implemented to the California bed and Marvel Land will be making its way here in just a few short years.

4 Shanghai Disneyland

Having just opened in 2016, its no wonder that Disney adventurers are singing the praises of Shanghai Disneyland. The park is massive and offers more thrill rides than any other Disney park. The indoor TRON Lightcycle Power Run is a fan-favorite and reminiscent of Disney World's Space Mountain ride.

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This park has a tasteful atmosphere that celebrates Chines culture, with the idea that it is "authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese." The castle is the Enchanted Storybook Castle and there are bits of Chinese-theme architecture throughout the park.

3 Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom is its most salient feature. Cinderella's Castle serves as the park's flagship, surrounded by Florida's luscious lagoon. Many travelers find the Magic Kingdom is the pinnacle of magic when it comes to Disney Parks. The land's hold a sense of Disney's classic culture without leaving the park suffering from neglect. The park is always in pristine condition, the employees are consistently friendly, and atmosphere glows with Disney pride.

2 Tokyo Disneyland

In 1983, Disney took its fantasy-themed spectacular across the world for its first even international park. Tokyo Disneyland also pays tribute to Cinderella's Castle, which is considerably larger than its Magic Kingdom predecessor. Everything about this park is big, from structures like the Haunted Mansion to the colorful facade of it's a small world. Like Disney World, it exudes a sense of magic and admiration. It's a thematic wonderland that Disney attendees frequently rank as their top contender when it comes to the best of the best of Disney parks.

1 Tokyo DisneySea

As a part of the Tokyo Disney Resort. it's no surprise that Tokyo DisneySea lives up to its predecessor. Over 14 million people visited this park in 2018, making it the 4th most visited theme park of all time. The concept highlights nautical exploration, where guests can seven different "ports of call." The ambiance gives into each of its themed sectors, making you completely escape from reality. The details are phenomenal, the colors are bright, and there's plenty of space so that you don't feel cramped. Forget best Disney park, some enthusiasts even go as far to cal DisneySea the best theme park in the world.

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