There’s no shortage of beautiful cities in Europe. Unfortunately, the beauty of some cities is now so famous that they are plagued by mass tourism. But there are still many cities in Europe that the tourists don’t know about. A few of them also happen to be as stunning as some of the hotspots. Read about them here!

Aarhus Lives In Copenhagen’s Shadow

Avoid The Crowds In Italy’s Turin

Travelers Forget About Bosnia’s Sarajevo

Tourists don’t just forget about Sarajevo when planning trips to Europe. They tend to overlook Bosnia in general, despite the country’s outstanding natural landscape and historic towns. Sarajevo has experienced a turbulent history, but the marks left behind by periods of unrest actually make the city more unique.


Walking through Sarajevo can often feel like you’ve stepped back in time, especially while in areas like the old market quarter known as Baščaršija. There are a number of charming cafes to dine at in the district, although many travelers are content with strolling through the spice stalls.

One of the coolest tourist highlights is the Latin Bridge, which is as historically significant as it is beautiful. The Ottoman bridge was where the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated, an event sparked the beginning of the First World War. Another amazing sight is the Sarajevo Tunnel, an underground tunnel that hosts its own war museum.

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Swap Budapest For Debrecen, Hungary

There’s no denying the beauty of Budapest. But for those who want to experience Hungary without the huge numbers of tourists, consider adding Debrecen to your itinerary. The less-crowded alternative, Debrecen is home to several admirable monuments including Grand Hotel Aranybika and Calvinist Great Church.

You’ll also find several other churches in Debrecen as well as museums, town squares, and other photogenic locations. Be sure to check out the Dèri Museum, housed in a marvelous baroque building.

Those looking for the unique beauty of Debrecen should visit the Old Town, which boasts a selection of cafes and historic sites. Budapest is famous for its spas, but Debrecen also hosts a few smaller-scale spas where you can benefit from the natural thermal waters.