Tourism offers a lot of revenue for cities, and over the years it has even boosted various economies. However, these days, with the accessibility of travel literally exploding, many places are finding that tourism has gone too far, to the extent that it is affecting small cities, out-pricing locals, and causing harm to the environment.

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Many times, tourists are unfortunately not very respectful of landmarks and historical monuments, traipsing through them with little regard for the history or fragility of the place. Instead of being another one of the millions of tourists who are currently flocking to these popular locations, try a different place instead. Here are 10 European cities that are suffering from over tourism, and where you can go instead.

10 Amsterdam - Go To Utrecht Instead

Despite there being only one million residents in Amsterdam, the city sees over 20 million tourists every year, and it is getting to the point where government officials and locals alike are struggling to find a solution to the over-crowding. The Museum Quarter and Red Light District are especially bearing the brunt of tourism.

Instead of being another tourist packing into an already-crowded city, why not check out Utrecht instead? This beautiful city has much to offer with its winding river, quaint shops, and a split-level medieval city center built around its canals. Not to mention that there's not as many tourists here; you will really get the old town experience that you're seeking.

9 Barcelona - Go To San Sebastian Instead

Barcelona is under tremendous strain these days as the city tries to cope with exponential numbers of tourists every year. The government has taken steps to try to protect and repair the damaged environment and historical structures. With over 32 million visitors every year, this is becoming a big concern.

Another stunning Spanish town that you could visit instead is San Sebastian. With its breathtaking white beaches and beautiful old town scenery, it is sure to be just as enjoyable as Barcelona, with literally a fraction of the tourists. Imagine: you could enjoy a stunning beach in Spain without being squished and overcrowded!

8 Venice - Go To Colmar Instead

Venice is known for its beautiful winding canals and rich history. Tourists flock to this city every year at whopping rates of over 30 million visitors. Combined with rising water levels, there is much concern about the fragility of the town's infrastructure. Some people even speculate that the native population of Venice could be zero by 2030, as prices are driving locals out of the city completely.

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Instead of contributing to the demise of this historic town, consider visiting Colmar, France instead. This quaint little town offers stunning river canals just like Venice, and its cheerfully-painted buildings along the shore will remind you of Belle's adorable little village in Beauty and the Beast!

7 Dubrovnik - Go To Taormina Instead

With the incredible popularity of the show Game of Thrones and the increase in cruise lines that travel throughout Europe, the city of Dubrovnik has had an exponential increase in visitors recently, and it is wreaking havoc on the entire town's infrastructure. The Old Town is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and the city is taking the matter of over-tourism very seriously. They are setting new laws and rules in place to limit the number of tourists that visit the city each day.

Taormina, on the other hand, is not nearly as crowded as Dubrovnik, and it too offers crystal white beaches, clear water, lovely climate, and a city rich in history.

6 Paris - Go To Tromso Instead

Paris is beginning to weather under the vast number of tourists going through the city every day, and Parisians are disliking foreigners more and more. This is becoming evident in the way tourists are treated. Businesses are hiking their prices way up to combat the influx of tourists, but also because they're tired of the number of people congesting the city each day.

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Tromso, Norway is a charming European city that offers tourists a similarly romantic and beautiful visit as Paris would without the snobbery or high prices. They have lovely little cafés, delicious places to eat, beautiful architecture, and friendly locals.

5 Reykjavik - Go To The Faroe Islands Instead

Iceland has become "the" place for travelers recently, offering spectacular scenery and stunning waterfalls. Recently, the number of American visitors to Iceland outnumbered the actual residents. The majority of travelers flock to Reykjavik, which is causing the city to turn into a real tourist trap with gimmicky souvenir stores and cheap fashion becoming quite popular.

A less popular, but equally beautiful, place to visit is the Faroe Islands, a self-governing territory of Denmark. These islands offer breathtaking scenery and a thriving foodie scene, with lively pubs and delicious restaurants.

4 Rome - Go To Istanbul Instead

It is understandable that Rome would be such a popular destination to visit; it is so rich in history, with stunning architecture that dates back so far in history. Of course people would want to visit! However, the popularity of the city is starting to cause it more harm than good. Residents have complained about the number of tourists for some time now, and the government is beginning to set limits at several of the major historical sites.

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Another historical city that is much less populated than Rome is Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul has its own rich history that you can explore through its various buildings and mosques. There's lots to see and do here, and you won't be overwhelmed by tourists everywhere, giving you a more authentic touring experience.

3 Edinburgh - Go To Kosice Instead

Edinburgh has a strong appeal to all types of tourists with its gorgeous medieval architecture, a breathtaking castle looming over the heart of the town, and many wonderful, modern shops to visit. There is something for everyone, which is why Scotland's capital city is becoming overrun with tourists, especially in the busy summer months.

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Instead, plan to visit the beautiful medieval town of Kosice in Slovakia. The architecture throughout this lovely town is very similar to that of Edinburgh, but with far fewer tourists to block your path. There are many historical places to visit, quaint restaurants, and beautiful landscapes surrounding the town.

2 Santorini - Go To Naxos Instead

Santorini is the largest and most popular of the Greek islands, and the number of tourists who visit this island every year is growing rapidly. In 2010, Santorini saw 15 million tourists coming through; in 2019, less than a decade later, the city is set to see more than 5 times that number, anticipating 32 million visitors this year. The island is facing dramatic water and energy consumption increases, and it is not sustainable.

The island is setting several limits in place to protect the infrastructure of the city, including limiting the number of cruise ships that stop each day and protecting the safety and well-being of the islands' famous donkeys. Plan a visit to another stunning Greek isle instead: Naxos. This island offers the same beautiful scenery that Santorini does, with its crystal beaches and clear water, and it sees a fraction of the tourists.

1 London - Go to Berlin Instead

London has become so incredibly crowded that it is almost impossible to enjoy yourself when touring its famous historical monuments. You are literally shoulder-to-shoulder with the person next to you as you walk through Westminster Abbey. Although it is still a large, bustling city, London is still starting the feel the strain from the vast number of tourists coming through every year.

Another beautiful, bustling city that offers a wonderful experience to its tourists is Berlin, Germany. With a fraction of the tourists that London sees, you can tour through its many historical monuments without feeling so over-crowded. You would also be taking a step toward ethical tourism by not contributing to the over-crowding in these European cities and making the choice to get off the beaten path a little.

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