Beach life is the best life, but for some reason when people think of beaches, they think of the islands like the Bahamas, Jamacia, or Bermuda. But what about Europe? Don't the beaches in Europe deserve some love too?

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Home to some of the clearest waters and the whitest sands, these 10 beaches are some of Europe's greatest treasures. Although many North Americans travel to Europe for a taste of culture and sophistication, travelers can totally take advantage of these hidden gems in the summer months. From the islands of Greece to the clear waters of Spain, read below before booking your next beach trip.

Zakynthos is one of the thousands of small islands that Greece has to its name. As a harbor city, you'll find many boaters coming to Zakynthos (mainly because the beach town can only be accessed by boat).

Navagio Beach is one beach you need to see for yourself when traveling throughout Greece. Most known for its open cove, Navagio has an interesting story to its name. The famous cove is also called "Smugger's Cove" due to a shipwreck that happened on the coast of Navagio Beach. Rumor has it that the ship that crashed was smuggling goods but the story differs depending on who tells it.

9 Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

In Southeast Europe, you can find Montenegro. The small country is right above Albania and a little under Croatia and it's a gem of a country that should be visited more. With lush mountains and adorable towns, the country lies on the Adriatic Sea. And for being such a small country, it's actually home to over 620,000 people!

If you make the trip, find your way to Sveti Stefan. The small islet has a five-star hotel that makes you feel like you're on your own personal island. And with the combination of sea, sand, and mountains — it's enough eye candy for every kind of traveler.

8 Chia, Sardinia, Italy

Italy has so many wonderful cities and historical landmarks that it can be hard to decide where you want to go. If you're looking to visit Italy but still want that island feel, find your way to the small town of Chia in Sardinia — an island off the coast of Italy.

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Chia is a small village in the southern part of the island and is known for its beauty. While laying on the beach, you can gaze out to the Mediterranean sea or take a look at the country's mountainside. It's the perfect place to go if you're looking for a relaxed (and quiet) getaway.

7 Mallorca, Spain

Spain has such a rich history and it's a great place to visit for some amazing architecture and art. But if you're all about that beach life, then you can't miss Mallorca.

Mallorca is known for its nightlife and parties. Its beautiful weather and clear water brings many tourists so you're bound to meet some like-minded travelers here. And though it's an island, over 800,000 people call Mallorca their home. So if you're looking for island life with a mix of partying, Mallorca, Spain is where it's at.

6 Crozon, France

When people think of visiting France for vacation, their thoughts immediately get directed to Paris. And while Paris is divine, France has many other beautiful parts that need to be seen.

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Besides Paris, many travelers head to the South of France for their ocean intake, but we're heading to the Northeast of France instead. Crozon is a beach belonging to the town of Brittany (home to just 7,600 people). The area is known for its beautiful sea caves and different colored waters that range from all different kinds of blues.

5 Tucepi, Makarska, Croatia

Croatia is finally getting the recognition it deserves. This beautiful country is small but mighty and has small cities that make you feel like you're walking back in time. So when you're done roaming the city life, head to the Adriatic coast to sit on the beaches of Tucepi.

This area is very popular and does get packed (due to narrow beaches), so come early to save your spot on the sand.

4 Albufeira, Portugal

Portugal is a Southern country in Europe, right above Morocco. Known for its gorgeous weather and beaches, you can't be surprised that Albufeira made the list.

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Albufeira used to be a popular destination for fisherman but has since been transformed into a popular vacation destination. In fact, Albufeira only has around 13,000 residents who live there year-round, but in the summer months, the population can rise to around 300,000.

3 Menorca, Spain

Although Menorca sounds a lot like Mallorca, they are separate beach towns. In fact, you'd have to take a long boat ride just to get from one beach to the other (since they're on different islands).

Nevertheless, Menorca is similar to Mallorca but is much calmer. What's interesting about Menorca is its terrain. Alongside the turquoise waters are pine trees outlaying the beaches. There are also plenty of rocks and coves, making it a great spot to go rock diving.

2 Porto Giunco, Sardinia, Italy

Italy is so nice we had to add it twice. Porto Giunco is in the Southeast of Italy. The water from the Mediterranian is such a light-colored blue that it almost looks totally clear.

To make Porto Giunco even more beautiful, the island is also home to many flamingos. And unlike a few other of the more dense beaches on this list, Porto Giunco has enough space for everyone to spread out and swim.

1 Playa Cala Salada, Ibiza, Spain

We've all heard of Ibiza, right? Well, besides the island being an epic place for live performances and dance parties, Playa Cala Salada is a gorgeous place to set up shop and rest.

Being two-hundred meters long, you can walk along the beach looking out into the ocean at all boats (who look like their floating thanks to the clear waters). The beach is also surrounded by rocky terrain so if you're the kind of traveler who enjoys a good hike, you can always do that before heading to the beach to cool off.

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