Halloween isn’t the only time for scary stories and ghostly sightings. Year-round there are nightly ghost tours of the some of Europe’s most iconic and beautiful cities. These bone-chilling tours explore the grisly past. Tales of depraved serial killers, the victims of rampant disease, and ghosts seeking revenge, justice, and absolution wander each town’s oldest corridors.

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Think you can handle ten nights of vampires, murders, body snatchers, poltergeists, executions, tortured souls, and restless ghosts? Then check out these ten terrifying ghost tours around Europe, each sure to send chills running up your spines every time you remember it.

10 Venice Ghosts & Legends Walking Tour

Hidden behind the beautiful architecture and romantic reputation of Venice are chilling tales of ghosts, murders, and mysteries that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up. The beautiful Bovolo staircase hides terrifying secrets in its stones, and the picturesque cobblestone streets were paved right over ancient cemeteries.

Your guide will lead you on a frightening journey through a labyrinth of narrow streets to learn about the ghosts that wander the palaces of Venice as well as the infamous Biasio, who killed children and added their flesh to his stews. Your mind will spin for days after hearing tales of forbidden lovers who met by torchlight in hidden passages, as well as see the favored dark alleyways of dangerous criminals.

9 Ghost Bus Tours of London

A city with as old and violent a history as London is bound to have more than its fair share of restless spirits and vengeful ghosts. This ghost bus tour will take you to all of the city’s most haunting and haunted landmarks, including the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, and the Cross Bones Graveyard, an oft-forgot place that houses the skeletons of unfortunate souls buried in mass graves.

On this tour, you’ll learn the frightful tales of deadly diseases like the plague and depraved murders like the Whitehall Mystery and Sweeney Todd. Try to keep your wits about you as this bus winds its way through the shadowy streets of London.

8 The Original Stockholm Ghost Walk

The medieval streets of the oldest part of central Stockholm are stalked by vampires and ghosts. Follow a guide through these cold, dark streets to learn about the legendary murders and the ghosts that still seek revenge and justice. Keep up, because your guide only has the one lamp to light the way.

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Tales of plagues, poltergeists, public executions, and petrifying murders await down the narrow alleyways and tiny courtyards that most tourists avoid. Wear sensible shoes for the cobblestone streets…and to run for your life if the city’s vampires appear once again in the night, looking for blood.

7 Dark Ages of Rome Night Walking Tour with Hidden History and Hauntings

Every old city has its dark past, and this night walking tour will take you through the hidden history of the Dark Ages of Rome. You’ll wander past the most historic landmarks and monuments of the Eternal City, but hear stories of the ghosts and legends that besmirch their rich history.

A knowledgable guide will take you by winding alleyways to places like the Corte Savella Prison, where the ghost of a noblewoman who was unfairly sentenced to her death cries out for justice. At every turn, there are eerie legends, chilling atmospheres, and inexplicable supernatural activity so spine-chilling you’ll wish you’d never heard it.

6 Ghosts, Mysteries, & Legends Night Walking Tour of Paris

Convinced Paris is the city of light and romance? This tour will have you thinking otherwise. Learn about the eerie mysteries buried beneath the gloss of the city of light as you slink through ancient streets still haunted by restless ghosts. A masterful storyteller will take you around the capital to its spookiest places, including the Square du Vert-Galant, where the last courageous Knight’s Templar members were burnt at the stake.

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The Place de Grève was a gruesome execution site before it became the city’s beautiful Hôtel-de-Ville, and the medieval La Conciergerie still stands as a testament to Marie Antoinette’s imprisonment and execution.

5 The Dublin Ghostbus Tour

When the sun sets and Ireland’s capital is shrouded by darkness, you’ll visit Dublin’s most sinister and terrifying spots on a bus tour led by an entertaining and knowledgeable guide. You’ll take a spooky journey through many of Dublin’s most haunted sites, including St. James’ Graveyard, where the stories of grave robbers and snatched corpses will leave you shivering.

At the haunted clocktower of St. Audoen’s Church, the nasty history of torture will have you see unhappy specters out of the corner of your eye. The uneasy ghost of an immoral doctor awaits at the Royal College of Surgeons where he experimented on his patients.

4 Prague Ghosts & Legends of Old Town

The city of Prague is famous for its history of alchemy during the reign of Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor and “The Mad Alchemist.” The city streets are steeped in legend and lingering traces of ghosts and ghouls who lost their lives to magic, mysticism, and murder.

The Ghosts and Legends of Old Town walking tour will teach you the secrets of the alchemist’s lair, relate the tragic stories of the house of death, and show you the streets were processions of ghosts pass by. This darker side of Prague’s charming Old Town will have you rethinking the city’s friendly charm.

3 Ghost Bus Tours of York

In northeast England await the dark secrets of York’s past. A spooky local guide will take you to the notorious haunts of York's restless spirits where things go bump in the night. The bus stops at some of the city’s most haunted buildings and must-see historical sights to tell you the chilling tales of apparitions who still roam in the night.

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York’s macabre past includes Dick Turpin, the infamous murderer. Your guide will take you to his grave, but make sure you don’t step on it. Thought of as one of the spookiest cities in the world, York is a must-see for any ghost hunter.

2 Prague Underground Walk by Lamplight

If you thought roaming around the ancient streets of Prague’s Old Town was going to be scary, then the underworld of Prague will be even more terrifying. The world-famous Astronomical Clock of Prague is charming, but below it lurks a terrifying world still alive with the spirits of the tortured souls who died there.

The underbelly of Prague is full of gruesome tales of former dungeon and torture chambers. You’ll join a storyteller on an eerie walk by lamplight to learn about the souls that perished in those hidden, lonely chambers. Beneath Old Town Hall awaits the story of Prague’s most famous executioner and his tragic story, if you dare to go beneath the streets to hear it.

1 The Edinburgh Underground Vaults

These nineteen underground chambers are the single most haunted place in Scotland. They were once the studios of cobblers, jewelers, and leatherworkers, but were abandoned and taken over by gamblers, prostitutes, grave robbers, and murderers. Today at least five known ghosts haunt the vaults—watch out for their pranks and threats while your tour guide walks you through this infamous place.

They say there are only five ghosts down there, but vaults were the graves of thousands of Irish immigrants who were fleeing the potato famine but couldn’t find anywhere else to live in Scotland but the dank and dangerous vaults. Infamous serial killers Burke and Hare used the vaults to transport and sell their victims to the Royal College of Medicine. The spirits that are trapped down there are very active, and very angry.

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