Mexico is a tropical paradise, best for both relaxing and adventurous souls. But before taking the trip, the exciting (or nerve-wracking) packing process must happen. It’s normal for tourists to wonder what to carry or leave behind to make their journey and stay worthwhile.

Besides the usual clothes or swimsuits, there are other essentials that travelers need when touring the land of history, tequila, and staggering beaches. These are the ten necessities that adventurers shouldn’t forget to pack when visiting Mexico.

10 Reef-Safe Sunscreen And Bug Spray

Though breathtakingly beautiful, the Mexican Caribbean ocean ecosystem is fragile. Thrill seekers planning to go snorkeling or swimming with sharks should only carry reef-safe sunscreen. Unlike other chemical sunscreens, this type doesn’t leave trails of harmful particles that damage or bleach coral reefs. And this ensures organisms and animals don’t lose their shelter and food.

Additionally, Mexico’s tropical climate attracts bugs, especially at sunset. It would be thoughtful for travelers to add a spray bug to protect their skin from itchy bites.

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9 Daypack

A daypack is an essential that frees the hands of tourists while keeping all basic items within reach. Most backpacks are lightweight and have several compartments to help travelers secure their accessories accordingly. From portable power banks to water bottles, everything stays in place, so adventurers can have an easy time when moving to different Mexican spots.

Visitors can also bring a waterproof daypack for utmost security if they plan on carrying expensive electronic gear.

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8 Travel Documents

While a passport is a must-have if planning for a vacation, tourists sometimes forget this essential document. And this spoils the whole mood as it’s associated with missed and canceled flights. To avoid this, travelers should pack their passports, IDs, and other vital travel papers several days before the trip. Better yet, confirm their existence before leaving for the airport. Guests can also carry photocopies and secure original documents in their rooms when exploring.

7 Filtering Water Bottle

Tap water in Mexico isn’t considered safe as the transportation system in most parts brings water with a touch of dirt. But even with the constant exposure to the sun, visitors don’t have to spend a fortune on bottled water. A filtered water bottle lets adventurers quench their thirst even at the most inconvenient time of the day. It removes chemical concentrations and microbiological contaminants, making the water pure for consumption.

The bottles come in different sizes, so tourists can pack whatever fits nicely in their suitcases.

6 Portable Power Bank

With dazzling swimming holes, captivating ancient ruins, and beautiful beaches, it’s no doubt that Mexico has endless picture-worthy spots. The unending need to take photos may leave travelers with a low-battery phone. And that’s why a portable power bank shouldn’t miss in their traveling bag. There are numerous lightweight yet effective portable chargers to choose from, so carrying them around shouldn’t be a problem.

5 Earplugs

Mexicans love hanging out with friends and chatting till late hours. Better yet, some coastal resorts and apartments are also pretty chaotic at night. Visitors who aren’t into clubbing or want a calm night should include earplugs on their packing list. With them, guests are assured of a quiet nap, especially after a tedious day of engaging in activities and visiting different Mexican spots. Earplugs also aid in concentration when reading or journaling.

4 Travel Medicine Kit

Although Mexico has pharmacies spread all over, minor illnesses and injuries may happen at the most unexpected time. A travel medicine kit helps visitors manage such inconveniences to avoid making their stay less enjoyable. Besides, first-timers or travelers in remote spots may find it hard to spot clinics or chemists offering immediate medical attention.

Adventurers can include motion, altitude, headache, nausea, cramps, and stomach upset tablets. Not forgetting sterile wipes and a bandage to sort out minor cuts.

3 Waterproof Phone Case

Mexico has many gorgeous beaches which adventurers yearn to explore. But what happens to those who don’t have compact waterproof cameras? Plus, water-resistant smartphones are only functional in freshwater. Waterproof phone cases allow tourists to take pictures without getting their devices wet or damaged by sand.

Fun seekers can carry memories of jaw-dropping underwater scenery as the screen and fragile ports are covered. More importantly, take cold drinks without worrying about spillage.

2 Security Door Stopper

A door stopper is a small yet mighty piece of equipment that adds to the travelers’ peace of mind after a long day of sightseeing. While intrusion in most Mexican Airbnb and hotels is uncommon, door stoppers allow tourists to feel less vulnerable to potential attacks. Guests can pack one with a well-sounding alarm to get instant alerts anytime there’s an intruder.

Fortunately, the setup takes a few seconds. So visitors won’t spend ages trying to figure out the process while the only they yearn for is a quick nap.

1 Quick-Drying Towel

For travelers longing to enjoy the enchanting views and relaxing waters of the Mexican Caribbean, carrying a quick-dry tower is crucial. Unlike the cotton ones provided in hotels, lightweight microfiber towels take less time to dry. Their absorbent is high, making them perfect for quick-drying after swimming or snorkeling.

In addition, their weight is a fraction of traditional towels, so they take less space in a compact traveling bag. Undoubtedly, beach lovers have no reason to stay uncomfortable.