It's indeed true that solo travel may seem strange to certain individuals as many have become accustomed to experiencing the satisfaction of enjoying an exciting adventure with their colleagues, spouse, friends, or family members.

But solo travel can its own set of advantages like having control over one’s journey alongside a thrill of privacy in their home. To know further, here is a list of spectacular activities solo travelers may do in Indonesia to make the most of their trip:

10 Cycle Around Bali

Riding over the steep peninsula of Mount Baur were among the most unforgettable adventures for solo tourists in Indonesia. The roadways are sometimes rough and badly maintained, yet the tranquil quaint towns and luscious green slopes are wonderful. This area of the peninsula gets significantly fewer tourists than the southern coast's crowded resorts. Tourists will also have a delightful trip if they ride a bike to view Bali during the day.

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9 A Trip To Monkey Forest

The monkeys who dominate the island are among Bali's most famous features. These may be found at a range of sites, the most well-known of which being at Ubud's Monkey Woods. It does have a $3.40 entry fee and also is open every day from morning till sunset. Monkey Forest is also a fun spot to wander since there are many monasteries and dense woods to enjoy. Furthermore, it is crucial to remember not to use glasses upon entering the place, and not to bring food because the fragrance attracts the monkey.

8 Trek Mount Batur To See The Sunrise

Solo travelers who find themselves within Ubud vicinity and are prepared for a difficult expedition should trek Mount Batur for such stunning sunrise vistas. Tourists may schedule the trips through the area's homestays for roughly $24 per head. They must also get up at 2 a.m. to be fetched with their advisor and taken on a shuttle bus towards the mountain's base. Furthermore, tourists need to especially watch their balance at the summit as it is steep on the slick rock formations.

7 Dive In Tulamben

Tulamben is located in northern Bali, near Mount Agung. It's a renowned diving spot known for its Liberty Sunken ship. The ship's depth ranges from 9 to 98 feet, putting it an ideal ruin for novices. It's also surrounded by reefs and teeming with hundreds of fish. The ship's form gradually grows out from the ocean as tourists dive across the ocean approaching the destination. Furthermore, sea organisms have fully swept over the whole area.

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6 Snorkel At Menjangan

Menjangan Island is located along the northwestern coastline of Bali. This island is also ideal for solo travelers as well as being home to the Barat National Reserves preserved conservation area. Many tourists like taking day trips to the peninsula to go diving and snorkeling in the beautiful and plentiful coastal marine beds. Furthermore, the southern side tip is a renowned destination for scuba divers and snorkelers wishing to explore a wide range of coral reefs.

5 Visit Batu Mirror Cave

Flores Island is approximately a two-hour journey from Bali. Many tourists travel to this island as a starting point for their trip to view the amazing Komodo dragons for solo travelers seeking an adventure. The major draw of this peninsula is a trip to and trek into the cave of Batu Cermin, popularly called Mirror Cave. The cavern is not too far from the Labuan Bajo and had been originally beneath the sea. The cave presently has uncovered fossils as well as corals. Ultimately, there are stone stairs leading up to the entryway.

4 Horseback Riding During Sunset At Gili Trawangan

Visiting Gili Islands which are situated in Indonesia are ideal for adventurous solo travelers. There are three locations to choose from, and Gili Trawangan is one of the most prominent. Gili islands are readily accessible whether from Lombok or Bali. Tourists may also rent a horse as well as gallop all along the coastline while watching the sunset for around $20. This is a lovely way to conclude the day, plus travelers may even ride the horse further into the water to photograph the stunning sunset.

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3 Explore Borobudur Temples

Exploring the Borobudur monasteries, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is among the greatest adventures for solo travelers in Indonesia. It's a collection of Buddhist monasteries about an hour beyond Yogyakarta, a famous backpacker destination in Java's core. The entrance fee to the monasteries is $18. Because Borobudur itself is a holy temple, it is vital to dress accordingly. In addition, from the summit of the monastery, tourists can overlook the whole area with all its splendor.

2 Snorkel in Pulau Weh Island

The peninsula of Pulau Weh is among the most unexpected discoveries for solo travelers visiting Indonesia. It's a tiny island situated near the western point of Banda Aceh and Sumatra, the town that became renowned for the disaster that produced Southeast Asia's massive tsunami. Pulau Weh is also particularly distinct from other beautiful locations in Indonesia and that's because it is not known for its coastlines, but rather for the wonderful aquatic life that visitors may see while diving or snorkeling around the area.

1 Freediving With Bajua People On Togean Island

Diving along with the Bajua locals is a genuine, one-of-a-kind activity that tourists can have in Indonesia. They are recognized as Indonesian and Malaysian sea nomads that dwell in erected sea platforms and they continue living and facing death in the ocean. The Togean Coastal regions are an array of 56 groups of islands along the coastline of Central Sulawesi known for their white beaches, clean seas, and woodlands. In addition, guests must book a small boat to get to the hamlet and experience freediving along with the Bajua inhabitants.

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