Epcot, located at Disney World in Florida, is a park famous for its beautiful World Showcase — a collection of lands themed after countries around the world, all positioned against a giant lagoon. Each “country” features cultural restaurants, shops, and entertainment, and we’re here to explore every one.

Ranking each country at Epcot is difficult because they’re all loaded with cool things to do and explore. Additionally, because each country has so much to do, your personal preference would probably dictate which land you think is best. Nevertheless, we’re going to do out best. So based on the attractions of each area — not the culture itself (because darn, they’re all so neat) — here is how the countries at Epcot stack up.

Shout-out to Italy, the honorable mention that truly deserves its own entry. Your pizza is amazing.

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10 Morocco

If you want a henna tattoo, this is the place to be. You can also meet Aladdin and Jasmine, dine in exotic restaurants, and explore a busy market. Here, you can buy camel bone mirrors, traditional Moroccan clothing, and native instruments.

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The Musique Aramenco group also performs in Epcot’s Morocco, bringing this manicured land even closer to reality. Backdropped by the stuccoed archways and carved buildings, guests will feel as if they’ve traveled across the Atlantic.

9 Canada

O’, Canada! Your Epcot land is magical.

Le Cellier is a popular restaurant in this section of the park that gets booked up really quickly. Yes, people do make reservations 180 days in advance for it because it is that good.

While you’re here, you can get enjoy a 360-degree circle vision short film about Canada narrated by Martin Short. Don’t forget to jam out with the Marc Anger & Friends quartet or wander the grounds modeled after the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. Finally, check out the maple syrup and hockey souvenirs before you duck out.

8 Japan

Japan’s centerpiece is a replica of the Horyuji Temple. Nearby, you’ll find a Japanese art gallery, taiko drummers, a giant gift shop, and a few incredible restaurants. The shop has expanded areas for sushi making, pearl selecting, origami folding, and language learning. Popular characters including Hello Kitty and Pikachu also populate this area.

Getting back to the food, one dining experience features Japanese favorites and has guests sitting around a grill at which an expert chef prepares a meal before their eyes. Even the quick-service restaurant is top-notch, serving up green tea cheesecake and udon noodles.

7 Germany

Frankfurters, wine kraut, and spaetzle? Sounds like Germany to us. The Biergarten serves up these hearty favorites while treating guests to entertainment including yodeling and folk dancing.

After enjoying a filling meal, you can explore a selection of quaint shops that sell cowbells, teddy bears, chocolates, and Cuckoo clocks. Don’t forget to stop by the year-round Christmas shop to pick up that German pickle. Five days a week, you’ll also be treated to a performance by The Margret Almer & The Bavarian Band.

6 France

France’s main alleyway is hidden behind Monsieur Paul, a gourmet restaurant with some of the best food in all of Disney World. Here you can find flower carts, an artisan ice cream and sorbet shop, and lots of little Eiffel Towers. Let’s not forget about the 18-minute movie that lets guests view popular sites from around France, put to a relaxing soundtrack.

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You can meet Belle here, but in the future, you’ll additionally be able to join in on a Beauty and the Beast sing-along. A Ratatouille ride is also being added to the land.

5 United Kingdom

Cobblestone streets, manicured gardens, and a comfortable pub: These are just a few of the things that make Epcot’s U.K. so great.

If you’re into music, a band called British Revolution performs 30-minute sets featuring songs from Queen, The Rolling Stone, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and more throughout the day. Additionally, characters like Alice and Mary Poppins are also known to make meet-and-greet appearances.

The shops are charming, and if you have to eat one thing, make sure it’s the fish and chips.

4 China

China is beautiful and peaceful, filled with bamboo groves, a temple, parasols, and footbridges. Here, you can meet Mulan, watched The Jeweled Dragon Acrobats impress guests, and admire a replica of the Terracotta Army. Additionally, a short 360-degree circle-vision film entitled “Reflections of China” can be viewed and a giant store stuffed with silk clothing, incense, jade carvings, and stuff pandas can be explored.

Don’t forget about the tasty beverages located at the popular Joy of Tea cart.

3 United States

The American pavilion takes guests back to colonial days with a massive show known as the American Adventure. Hosted by Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, the 29-minute show examine the values America was founded on through songs, dialogue, projections, and a total of 35 animatronics.

You can also enjoy folk songs from the 8-part a cappella group, Voices of Liberty, or modern pop songs from the 5-piece a cappella group, American Music Machine. Additionally, you can get some classic snacks in the U.S. area including hot dogs, turkey legs, and sweet funnel cakes.

2 Norway

Located next to China is a Scandinavian destination that has been overtaken by Frozen. Yes, you can meet Anna and Elsa here as well as go on an enchantingly themed boat ride that celebrates the franchises’ “Winter in Summer” festival. The attraction features the movie’s hit music as well as artistic, high-tech character animatronics.

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When guests are ready to explore more typical Norwegian activities, they can check out the Gods of the Vikings gallery exhibit and dine on traditional treats including Lefses, Kringles, and School Bread.

1 Mexico

Mexico is perhaps the greatest land of all those in the World Showcase. After all, who can argue with tacos?

The pavilion is stunning, with a beautifully themed indoor shopping and eating area that resembles a Mexican marketplace at night. It features pinatas, pottery, sombreros, and gorgeous glass-blown creations. The outdoor portion is just as pretty, with restaurants overlooking the water of the World Showcase Lagoon. Did we mention there’s also a boat ride themed after Disney’s 1944 Donal Duck animation, The Three Caballeros? The diverse mix of activities lands this country's Epcot location on top.

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