The English countryside is a beautiful part of England that locals travel to when they want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The countryside is filled with greenery, pretty cottages, charming villages, and patchwork hills, and walking around these lovely destinations will make anyone feel like they've traveled back in time.

Tourists visiting England must make a day trip to one of these quaint countryside locations and see just why locals visit these areas to escape reality. Countryside destinations like Cheshire, which might make you think of Alice in Wonderland, with its natural beauty, or Cotswold, with its pretty architecture and pleasant hillsides, will feel like tourists and locals alike have been taken to a place where time has stood still for centuries.

The English countryside gives travelers a real taste of England with unspoiled surroundings, small towns, and even historic sites. Check out these 10 soothing pictures of the English countryside that were taken by real tourists who visited.

10 Anyone Visiting England Must See Its Breathtaking Countryside

The English countryside is a beautiful part of England that's incredibly diverse and is a terrific place for any traveler looking to see a serene part of the country. Tourists should spend a day at one or all of the English countryside destinations including, Oxfordshire, Lancashire, Cotswold, and Cheshire, to name a few, to see endless greenery, winding roads and pretty villages.

9 Visitors Feel Like They Have Traveled Back In Time

With small cottages and patchwork hills, tourists and locals feel like they've traveled back in time. British people love taking a trip to one of these breathtaking destinations because of how soothing it is to be around meadows and farmland, which you definitely won't find in big cities.

8 Tourists Will Be Surrounded By Stunning Greenery And Patchwork Hills

Oxfordshire is a popular countryside destination where tourists can walk through mesmerizing gardens and see lovely country homes. The area is full of green spaces where people can walk peacefully around and explore on their own or have a cute picnic with friends surrounded by meadows. There is even a bustling marketplace in Wallingford with one of the nation's most important castles nearby.

7 Delightful Cottages Line Winding Roads

The Cotswold is another popular countryside destination that features rolling hills, medieval villages built from honey-colored stone, and market towns. Tourists will find endless nature trails and whimsical villages that look like something out of a fairytale. One of the most iconic landmarks in the Cotswold's is Warwick Castle and shouldn't be missed.

6 Quaint Villages Are Worth Exploring

The beautiful countryside of Essex is beaming with historic charm with the 11th-century Colchester Castle, which was built on the foundations of a Roman temple, and the 17th-century Audley End House and Gardens with its beautiful grounds and architecture. There are plenty of attractions in Essex with the best way to explore on foot or by taking a bicycle around the town.

5 Beautiful Castles And Homes Are Something Out Of A Jane Austen Novel

In countryside destinations like Cheshire, tourists will find an awe-inspiring cathedral, castles, beautiful landscaped gardens and homes, and even a zoo. Cheshire's countryside is filled with dramatic landscapes where tourists can walk through wild moorlands and find popular long-distance trails.

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4 Taking A Walk Down Country Roads Is Worth It For The Views

The Cornwall country is one of the most well-known countrysides in England where tourists will find wild moorland and hundreds of sandy beaches. There are numerous things to do in Cornwall including taking a trip to The Lost Gardens Heligan, Land's End, where tourists will find dramatic sea views, and the stunning Pendennis Castle constructed by Henry VIII.

3 The English Countryside Is Great To Visit Anytime Of The Year

No matter what time of the year it is, the English countryside is beautiful and shouldn't be taken for granted. Whether you are experiencing the country in the snow or on a summer's day, there is a lot to explore, including numerous markets where you'll meet friendly people and scenic walks where you can bring along your loyal pooch.

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2 Travelers Will See Endless Green

Seeing the English countryside is a soothing and relaxing experience and tourists won't find anything like it. While tourists will find a lively experience in one of England's big city's, there is nothing compared to the scenic countryside of patchwork hills and winding roads to explore on your own or with a friend. Just look at those views!

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1 It's Definitely Instagram-Worthy

Of course, we have to mention how Instagram-worthy the English countryside is. Millions of people have traveled to the country to take photos of its lovely cottages, bustling marketplaces, farmland, and endless greenery all under bright blue skies. The next time you find yourself in England, take a day trip to one of these pleasant countryside destinations and see just how much they are adorned by the people who call the area home.

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