Working at a ski resort can sound like one big vacation. Too bad that’s not the case. There are a lot of downsides that can make the work impossible. Even if the desire is there, some negatives simply can’t be surmounted when it comes to the working conditions. That being said, ski resort jobs can be as close to a paid vacation as some people get. Just like every other occupation, it will never qualify as the stuff of dreams. But that doesn’t mean it can’t make for a worthwhile dream job.

To get down to the truth of things, we’ll take a look at a few company reviews left by former and current ski resort employees. Here are 20 things employees have said about working at a ski resort.

20 Ski And Snowboard For Free Every Day

"You get a free season pass with employment!"

The coveted season pass is the reason most people look for work at a ski resort, according to a great number of Glassdoor reviews. It’s the way that self-titled “ski bums” support their passion for skating down icy slopes.

19 High Altitudes And Little Kids Don't Always Mix

"The toddlers are cute when they're not crying."

A Discovery Guide on Glassdoor expressed how difficult it can be to wrangle kids who are experiencing their first time away from their parents on top of a freezing cold mountain. Employees working with children should expect to have their patience tested.

18 No Room For Advancement

"A good starting place for a young person but not for someone looking to build a career."

The majority of Glassdoor reviews agreed that moving up is unlikely. Clamoring to the top between off-seasons is a challenging task. While sticking out off seasons can help, it’s unrealistic for many.

17 Seasonal Work But Forever Friends

"A great way to make long lasting friendships."

Ski resort employees with a passion for the sport spend their days confined to their version of paradise by choice. People who have so much in common are bound to form a few friendships. This Indeed reviewer has experienced just that.

16 Work Dries Up With The Weather

"I wish [it] would snow all year round so I don't have to leave."

Indeed reviewers explained that a lack of hours is what prevents them from turning their work into a full-fledged career. To do so requires reliable summer jobs or dedicated plans for accruing savings.

15 Learn To Ski Or Snowboard On The Job

"Learnt to ski for free with help from staff."

Not all positions require prior knowledge of skiing or snowboarding. The author of this Indeed review didn’t include their title, but non-skiers who want to work at a resort can apply to be snowmakers, engineers, or customer service employees.

14 Low Pay Is The Most Common Complaint

"Pay obviously isn't amazing working at a ski resort."

Though ski resort employees like this Glassdoor reviewer expect to be paid less than they deserve, it doesn’t make it any less disheartening. Dedicated employees have found themselves forced to resign due to the discrepancy between low pay and high resort costs.

13 Can't Beat The Scenery

"The most enjoyable part was working outside when the weather was perfect, there was nothing more beautiful to wake up to and work in."

Breathing in the fresh air every morning while as your feet sink into fresh powder is a dream made reality. Life in a vacation destination ensures a beautiful view.

12 Long Hours Are Expected, Vacation Time Is A Myth

"The workloads are too heavy for anyone to actually take time off."

As the season reaches its peak, work ramps up at the resort. Multiple Indeed reviewers reported being expected to work as much as 70 hours per week. Anything less and they felt their positions become less secure.

11 Meet People From All Over The World

"Loved interacting with people from literally all over the world in one of the most beautiful places on earth."

Locations known for quality powder or exhilarating slopes attract massive foreign crowds. Interactions with guests from different places are an everyday occurrence for employees like this Indeed reviewer.

10 No One Takes The Work Seriously

"Most of them are not good at the job at hand and just want to mess around."

Low salaries and unsteady hours don’t attract many skilled workers. According to Indeed reviews, a lot of the staff are young adults looking to fill time during college winter break.

9 Resorts Side With Clients To Generate High Ratings

"This sometimes means having to deal with outrageous client demands."

This Glassdoor reviewer speaks a truth that’s applicable to just about every customer service job. When it comes to choosing between the employe and the customer, some resorts choose the customer regardless of who is right and wrong.

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8 Easy Employment For Eager Expats

"Pretty good for foreign students via work and travel program."

While this review from Indeed focused on foreign students, the same applies to expats that have already finished school. Ski instructors, engineers, and other expert staff can apply for visas as skilled workers if they find work at resorts overseas.

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7 The Cold Won't Grow On You

"If you get sick easy or [don't] do well in the cold it [won't] get easier."

Daily beatings from the freezing wind and constant exposure to subzero temperatures can wear the strongest bodies down. That also goes for people who simply don’t enjoy the cold, according to this Indeed review.

6 The Daily Commute Can Take Hours

"Long days and a long commute (although the shuttle is free)."

Taking up lodging on the resort’s mountain is the easiest way to avoid the awful commute that this Glassdoor review is talking about. The problem then becomes managing expensive resort prices and a sense of isolation.

5 Easygoing Atmosphere

"When you're living with ski bums, [it's] nothing but fun"

The upside to complaints about work ethic and career longevity is an immensely enjoyable work environment. Everyone just wants to have a good time. Indeed reviewers like this one had nothing but positive things to say about their coworkers.

4  Budgets Are Tight

"The infrastructure things like facilities, vehicles, tools are run on a shoestring."

Indeed reviews describe a trend of cheapness that runs through every part of ski resorts. In addition to complaints about the infrastructure and low pay, ski instructors reported having the tools they did get stolen.

3 Ski Resorts Are Dominated By Male Employees

"I had to prove myself to [receive] that place because I was the only girl. "

Taking a look around any ski resort is enough to confirm this Indeed review. However, Telegraph also reported that just 34% of skiers are female. Women hoping for resort work should prepare to be challenged.

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2 Employees Don't Stick Around Long

"High turnover due to many commuters, and...positions being seasonal."

Careers at ski resorts are filled with many goodbyes, according to Glassdoor reviews. Don’t expect to see the same faces next season once winter returns. There will always be new coworkers just starting to understand how things work

1 The Experience Is Irreplaceable

"I wouldn't trade my time working for them for anything."

Regardless of the pros and cons, work on a ski resort is unique at least. Indeed reviews make it clear that anyone with a passion for the sport or mountains should give ski resort life a try.

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