Flying First class is a dream for many travelers and the reason for this yearning is not far-fetched. The luxury and premium services offered on this part of the airplane are enough to make passengers forget they are in the air. Lots of Airlines offer this premium experience but Emirates takes it to a whole new level. The Emirates A380 First class is no doubt one of the amazing Emirates carriers to feature this luxury but the Emirates Boeing 777 is where one can find the type of luxury that has earned Emirates the Best First Class at 2020 Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award.


About Emirates Best First Class Suite

  • Total number of suites: 6
  • Suite labels: 1A, 1E, 1K, 2A, 2F, 2K

The luxury suites of Emirates Boeing 777 First class are in fully enclosed spaces with floor-to-ceiling doors to give passengers absolute privacy. The first noticeable thing about the suite is the super comfortable and spacious seat covered in fine leather with a little pillow placed on it for some extra softness. The chair has automated controls so guests can adjust the seats to any position by using the controls on the chair’s handle. But wait there’s more.

The Definition Of Flying In Luxury

Emirates Boeing 777 first-class suite is quite similar to 5-star hotel accommodation with amazing amenities and a well-equipped bathroom except all this luxury is in the sky. Once they arrive, guests in this luxurious suite are given a pair of floppy slippers, a pair of pajamas, an eye mask, plus some male and female amenity kits. But that’s just the tip of the Iceberg as the suite also offers the following amenities and services.

Personal Screens

At the side of the suite are three windows for an amazing show of the outer parts of the airplane. In addition, there's a large 32-inch screen at the front of the suite which can also be used to watch the views of the outer parts of the airplane and some movies as well.

One thing to note is that suites in the middle of the plane do not have real windows rather they have virtual windows which also display the outer views of the plane from a camera. It’s not so different from a real window.

Temperature And Lighting Controls

Feeling too cold or too hot? The temperature controls on Emirates Boeing 777 First class suite have got you covered. This feature gives passengers the freedom to set the temperature and lighting according to their needs.

With the lighting controls, passengers can change the ambient color and the brightness of the suite according to their mood. This control is located conveniently at the side of the chair which even makes it easier to locate and operate.

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Video Call Room Service

At the side of the suite, there’s a screen where guests can call for room service via video call. The response is super fast and one can order anything from this control and have it delivered in a few seconds.

Delicious Drinks And Food

Besides the large 32-inch screen is a stack of soft drinks and water but that’s not all. The menu has a nice selection of some of the most premium drinks on the planet so just place the order and you may soon be sipping a $2,000 Hennessy Paradis or some expensive champagne while also having some snacks at the same time.

This luxurious suite also features a dinner menu filled with delicious food and passengers can place an order whenever they want. There’s a huge list of desserts and the main course side of the menu features dishes from different cultures including Arabic, Japanese, and Australian depending on where you’re flying from.

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A Mirror And Makeup Kit

On the large table in front of the suite is a crystal clear mirror that springs up when a button is pressed. With this, passengers who may have gotten their faces ruined by the delicious food can fix it and get comfortable. A makeup kit, a notebook, and a pen are also included in this makeup closet.

And A Comfortable Bedroom

Unlike other classes, passengers at Emirates First class do not have to adjust the chair to serve as a bed to sleep. For a super comfortable sleep, simply take a short walk to get to the super cozy bedroom where there is a well-sized bed, lots of leg space, and three windows with views of the outer parts of the airplane.

To get in the mood for a comfortable sleep, let down the blinds using the controls located at the side of the bed then shut out the surroundings completely by closing the curtains. Proceed to change the lighting and temperature to set the atmosphere right for a comfortable sleep.

Emirates First-Class, In Conclusion

Emirates Boeing 777 First Class First class is the true definition of luxury. With a top speed of 700 mph, the aircraft is also super fast but those who want to spend a little more time exploring this luxury probably wish it would be slower.

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