An elderly couple is currently awaiting trial for smuggling cocaine. The twist? They're claiming a Jamaican businessman tricked them into doing it.

Most of us will have experienced that feeling when we feel as if we have done something wrong even when we haven't. It normally happens when we walk past a police officer or there's a blue siren in our rearview mirror. We suddenly think that they are here to punish us, even though we haven't been doing anything illegal.


Another place we tend to get that feeling is when we are passing through airport security. We begin to think all manner of crazy things. Thoughts such as "what if my bag has traces of something sinister on it," or perhaps we're nervous that someone far less law-abiding has slipped something into our carry-on. All of a sudden we seem to think we are living out the plot of a movie.

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On the flip side, we imagine that those who are caught smuggling drugs try to use those tired old excuses all the time. When we picture those people though, we likely don't see a couple in their 70s. Roger and Sue Clarke, aged 72 and 71 respectively, were arrested last December upon discovery that they had 20 pounds of cocaine in the bags they had brought onto a cruise, reported The Sun.

The elderly couple's claim is that they were tricked into bringing the drugs aboard the cruise by a Jamaican businessman. Apparently, the businessman paid for their cruises and all he wanted in exchange was for them to transport his four "empty" cases and to purchase some exotic fruit for him. Annoyingly for the businessman, if he exists, he will still be waiting on the fruit as the Clarkes have been in custody since their arrest.

The couple will appear in court this coming Tuesday, and although innocent until proven guilty, the outlook looks bleak for Roger and Sue. Although they live off of a joint monthly income of a little more than $1100, the cruises the pair have been on over the last few years would have cost the princely sum of $22,500. Something's not quite right with this one, but we're not ruling out that a mysterious businessman did indeed take advantage of a sweet old couple trying to enjoy their twilight years.

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