A green wave has taken hold of our consciousness, from encouraging recycling and composting to fighting the effects of climate change. This has also led to positive efforts in the travel sector, where one can now voyage to eco hotels across the globe while keeping a green conscience at the forefront of your thoughts.

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Compiled here is a list of ten eco hotspots known for their commitment to lowering their carbon footprint while providing a superior guest experience. Many of these eco hotels are located in settings of unparalleled beauty and are worth experiencing, even if they weren’t so eco friendly. Start making your travel plans today!

11 Ka Waboana Eco Lodge, New Caledonia

Perhaps best known for the Jean-Marie Tjibou Cultural Center designed by architect Renzo Piano, New Caledonia is an island 2,000 miles from Australia that is the ancestral land of the Melanesian Kanak culture.

This French overseas territory is also home to the Ka Waboana Eco-Lodge, nestled in the north of the island, on the outskirts of the Hienghène village. This location gives guests expansive views of the marina and the river. Organic fruits and vegetables are sourced directly from the lodge’s kitchen garden and are supplemented by local meats and fish. With suites and apartments available, Ka Waboana offers comfort in the midst of nature.

10 The Center at Kahuna Falls, Hawaii

Sited on forty acres surrounding the Kahuna Falls on Hawaii’s Big Island, the Center at Kahuna Falls is operated by advocates for sustainability. The retreat center is off grid, making use of hydro and solar power to generate electricity.

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Walks through the grounds and the surrounding area take you from countryside to the coastline; alternately, you can hike near to the falls and take a dip in a secluded pool. Guesthouses are outfitted with a lanai, where you can have organic meals, and spa services are available. Travel alone or with a group to take advantage of the many retreats they host.

9 Chez Manany Galápagos Ecolodge, Ecuador

Known worldwide as a habitat for a spectacular range of wildlife, the Galápagos Islands have much to offer travelers. Chez Manany Ecolodge makes its home in this environment, located on Isabela Island, with a pledge to be a low impact neighbor.

Local craftsmen were involved in the construction of the ecolodge, and sustainable wood, concrete, and stone were used as building materials. Attractions include the Volcán Sierra Negra, the tortoise breeding station, and a lava tunnel, the Cueva del Sucre. Opportunities abound to snorkel and to explore the waters, which are home to reef sharks, marine turtles, and sea lions.

8 Willka T'ika, Peru

Close to the world heritage site of Machu Picchu and nearby to Cusco, Peru, Willka T’ika, which means “sacred flower,” offers guests exquisite lodging in an eco hotel and healing gardens. Founded with the intent to offer guests an experience of wellness aligned with the traditions of the Andes, the eco hotel caters to solo travelers, families, and groups.

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Since purchasing a strip of land on which to house the facility, Willka T’ika’s owner developed the grounds using local traditions, such as mud brick adobe construction. Today, Willka T’ika embraces its surroundings, serves organic vegetarian food, and its healing gardens are home to several species of birds and insects.

7 Balamku Inn on the Beach, Mexico

At the Balamku Inn on the Beach, tranquility reigns. Set within the Caribbean side of the nation, nearby to Tulum on the Costa Maya, the Balamku Inn offers ten rooms with seaside views of a private beach.

Electricity is provided by solar and wind generation, and water is recycled to support nearby wetlands. Many of the fruits and vegetables served at the Balamku are grown on the grounds of the inn, and efforts have been made to conserve local plants and trees. The jungle nearby is home to many species of birds, butterflies, and iguanas. Activities include yoga, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

6 Bali Eco Stay, Indonesia


Bali is known as a bright jewel within the Indonesian islands. And Bali Eco Stay is noted among accommodations on the island for its beauty and sustainability. The mountain-based eco hotel plays host to many initiatives that engage the local populace, including funding for schools, bird conservation, and new year celebrations known as Nyepi.

Drinking water is sourced directly from Mount Batukaru, and trees chopped down to make the eco hotel were composted. Bali Eco Stay also has paddies to produce its own organic rice. Accommodations are set in open-air, overwater bungalows and the hotel offers activities include yoga, hiking, massage, and participation in local workshops.

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4 Senda Monteverde Hotel, Costa Rica

In the foothills of the Monteverde, the Senda Monteverde Hotel provides modern amenities while surrounded by views of the Cloud Forest Biological Preserve. The hotel sits on land first purchased by Quakers who had relocated to Costa Rica from the U.S.

Those Quaker families worked with resident scientists to lobby for a private nature preserve, the first of its kind in Costa Rica. The country has benefited from this forward-thinking act. Stating that “sustainability is part of our DNA and design,” the eco hotel utilizes solar panels to heat water for guest rooms and is free of single use plastic bottles.

3 Magic Cottages at Takou River, New Zealand

Near to Kerikeri in New Zealand’s Northland, the Magic Cottages at Takou River are set alongside the banks of the scenic Takou River. A short distance from the beaches at Takou Bay by canoe, the Magic Cottages are ensconced within one hundred fifty acres of certified organic grasslands and five acres of subtropical gardens.

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Amenities include a private outdoor bath and wood fire and gourmet meals brought to your cottage. A hot tub is sited next to the river for the enjoyment of guests, and the Magic Cottages are also known for providing opportunities for glamping, or luxury camping, in a safari-style tent on a timber floor.

2 Hamanasi, Belize

Located in the Stann Creek District of Belize, Hamanasi is deeply committed to supporting the local community and operates programs that are recognized by U.S. based nonprofits supporting health, education, and animal welfare. Guest education programs include the identification of local fish, bird watching, and an overview of Mayan history.

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As Belize has the longest stretch of coral in the western hemisphere and has three of the four atolls in the Caribbean, extensive tours are offered of nearby coral reefs. Lodging includes beachfront, treehouse, and deluxe treehouse rooms. The treehouse rooms, set nearly 12 feet above ground, were created to conserve the surrounding forests.

1 Yasawa Island Resort and Spa, Fiji

Come to one of Fiji’s most remote islands for a getaway that you’ll long remember. In the Fijian language, the word yasawa means “heaven.” Well, the spectacular setting of the Yasawa Island Resort & Spa is indeed heavenly! The eco hotel houses eighteen luxury bungalows that are set between palm trees and are steps away from ten private, secluded beaches.

The bures, traditionally constructed huts, are air conditioned and are equipped with an iPod docking station. A range of activities are offered for guests, including village visits, kayaking, paddle boarding, tennis, and picnics on the beach. The hotel also houses Fiji’s first beachside spa.

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