Guests at the easyHotel in Newcastle can show off a sun-kissed glow when they visit the city, courtesy of the budget hotel chain’s new tanning lotion. The hotel will offer a variety of shades, including Tanchester, Clemen-tyne and Zest End, which will be sold at £2.99 a pop, starting July 15.

The low-cost hotel chain, known for its orange decor, is not looking to have its visitors blend into the background, but rather ensure that guests make the most of their holidays in the UK, despite the unpredictable weather. “Everyone knows that the British summer is at best unpredictable,” says a hotel spokesperson. “Our exclusive tan sachets mean that guests can go back to work with a glow that will be the envy of their colleagues.”


The tanning lotion will eventually be introduced at hotel locations in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Croydon. The bronzer has been introduced with “contemporary fashion trends” in mind, according to the spokesperson.

The low-cost hotel chain with rooms starting at £19.99 a night is known for its quirky promotions. Last month, guests could enjoy a sleep tape featuring white noise, such as barking dogs or radiator sounds. The free playlist service was introduced at locations in Glasgow, Newcastle, and Croydon. The hotel is also contemplating offering a range of fake exotic views in its rooms so visitors can experience the feeling of “getting away from it all.”

The easyHotel chain owns five hotels in London, Glasgow, Croydon, Birmingham, and Manchester, and has 20 franchised hotels in Brussels, Sofia, Berlin, Frankfurt, Budapest, Amsterdam, Zaandam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Basel, Zurich, Dubai, Edinburgh, London Heathrow, Central London, Luton, and Newcastle. The company has announced that it will offer approximately 12,000 new hotel rooms in the UK and Ireland, as well as 15,000 rooms across Europe.

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The chain caters to the “super budget” hotel demographic, providing low-cost rooms with beds and essentials. Guests are welcome to pay for extras such as coffee, spare towels, Wi-Fi, and housekeeping. A new easyHotel will open in Belfast, Ireland, on September 1. According to owner David Crowe, "We believe Belfast is ready for this hotel and this brand. It is perfect for someone who wants a clean and comfortable room, right at the heart of Belfast’s city centre. It works for the discerning tourist who wants to explore the city, the historic pubs, museums, the many fine restaurants, as well as all that Belfast has to offer."