Crystal Ski Holidays has released a new interactive tool named Earn Your Après that helps you calculate how many calories can be burned with winter sports, so you can enjoy your favorites while on vacation without guilt.

Ice-skating, for example, burns 536 calories on average an hour, which means you can burn off the same number of calories in an hour and a half of skating as those in a roast dinner with all the trimmings. Also, two hours of snowboarding easily works off the number of calories in 7.5 pints of beer or 5 glasses of red wine, so you can enjoy your evening out after a day on the slopes.


According to Chris Logan, Managing Director of Crystal Ski Holidays, “We tend to eat more during the winter periods, with changes in temperature and fewer daylight hours we crave carbs and sweet treats that put us in a good mood. Whilst analysing the data for our Earn Your Après tool, we noticed not only do a number of winter sports burn a considerable amount of calories, but they’re also a great way to work various muscles - all whilst having fun.”

Other sports such as speed skating, which tops the list for winter fitness activities, burns an incredible 1,200 calories per hour. A full day of skiing – five hours – consumes around 2,940 calories, which is 940 calories over women’s recommended daily intake and 440 over men’s. Ski holidays have the advantage of being able to enjoy both the snow and the culinary rewards.

Hitting the ice rink is a great way to stay fit in the winter. You can burn up to 1,260 calories for men and 1,035 calories for women in just one hour. Since the average person only burns around 240 to 355 calories in the gym in 30 minutes, speed skating triples this in just an hour.

Another great winter activity is cross country skiing, which is both fun and challenging. Cross country skiing burns around 756 calories per hour and works a number of muscles. Men can burn off over two portions of tartiflette, around five pints of beer or nearly four glasses of mulled wine in an hour, while women can burn around 621 calories, which is approximately two portions of fondue, over four pints of beer or four glasses of mulled wine.

Among team sports, nothing beat ice hockey, an incredibly fast-paced game that can burn around 672 calories an hour for men and around 552 calories for women, or in culinary terms, roughly two portions of raclette or fondue and around four beers or three glasses of mulled wine. While the number of calories burned are a lot less compared to speed skating, ice hockey is a great sport for groups of friends.

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So book your next winter holiday knowing you can enjoy the snow, the sun and a feast after a day of exercise. For more information on the Earn Your Après tool, please visit Crystal Ski Holidays.