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With its cobblestone streets and old historic brownstones, Dumbo is an iconic Brooklyn neighborhood. It's often thought of as being the coolest place to hang out in New York City. And that explains why it is a highly sought-after destination in Brooklyn. If a Yiddish word means "new world," then the Brooklyn neighborhood of Dumbo is a true embodiment of the word. But what exactly draws people to this place? Here is everything tourists should know before planning to visit Dumbo.

About Dumbo

Dumbo, in Brooklyn, means Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, or as it was known when it was first coined, Fulton Ferry Landing. The area was also a manufacturing hub. It is now home to many artists and businesses, but it's still known for being one of Brooklyn's most popular neighborhoods.


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Dumbo consists of two major parts. The first spans the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Section two continues to the east from the Manhattan Bridge to the Vinegar Hill neighborhood. Brooklyn Heights to the south, Vinegar Hill to the east, Brooklyn Bridge Park to the north, and the Brooklyn Bridge to the west define the neighborhood's boundaries.

In the late 20th century, developer David Walentas and his firm, Two Trees Management, purchased the entire neighborhood of Dumbo and transformed it into an upmarket residential and commercial neighborhood. It first served as a haven for art galleries and now as a hub for technological firms.

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What Makes Dumbo Special?

Dumbo consists of cobblestone streets, old industrial-turned-residential warehouses, and the iconic feel of an old New York City neighborhood. It's known for its history as a working-class area where immigrants from around the world lived in small apartments and worked in offices above them.

The area boasts a lively mix of residents from different backgrounds who celebrate their differences while still being part of one community.

Dumbo offers incredible views of the city. Travelers can see all five boroughs from here, as well as Staten Island and all points north.

The Brooklyn Bridge is visible from many places around Dumbo. This bridge connects the area with Manhattan and allows residents to explore the city in its majestic form.

Dumbo is also known for its waterfront, which is a great place to go for a walk, picnic, or run. The Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway offers access to some of New York City's most beautiful parks and beaches.

The original Jacques Torres Chocolate shop is located in Dumbo. If visitors are not familiar with him, he's a famous chocolatier who has won numerous awards for his work over the years and has been featured on many TV shows. His chocolate bars are so good that they have their own cult following.

Things To Do In Dumbo

Among the things, vacationers should do in New York City is visit museums like The Brooklyn Children's Museum or The Brooklyn Public Library. Guests can also go shopping at one of the many boutiques on North 10th Street or browse through art galleries housed within some restored warehouses on Atlantic Avenue. Plus, there are more than a dozen bars and coffee shops within walking distance of each other. Dumbo is home to bakeries like Blue Bottle Coffee Roasters, where they serve amazing pastries.

Dumbo is also a great place to live. The neighborhood has a laid-back appeal that makes it feel more like a classic New York neighborhood than a modern one.

Guests can visit here any day of the week and still find something new every time. Whether it's shopping at quirky stores like Dumbo Hardware or grabbing lunch at the River Cafe, there's always something worth seeing nearby.

The Brooklyn Flea Market has food trucks serving street foods. Visitors should try their signature burger or tuna melts if this sounds good. The Front Street Pizza serves artisanal pies made from locally sourced ingredients every day.

Tips For Staying Safe When Visiting Dumbo

For travelers to have a safe and enjoyable time while visiting Dumbo, it’s imperative to strictly follow these tips.

  • Visitors should know where to go before arriving at Dumbo. If possible, tourists should stay in groups.
  • Guests should report any suspicious activity immediately to law enforcement personnel or local guards. It’s also risky to leave drinks unattended or car doors unlocked.
  • Tourists should avoid swimming alone in the harbor at night. It’s also good to wear reflective clothing if it is dark outside.
  • Travelers should avoid walking alone when it’s dark alone or with strangers. Tourists need to exercise caution when riding bikes or taking public transportation later than 11:00 pm.

If tourists visit Brooklyn, checking out Dumbo shouldn’t miss in the schedule. Travelers can get some delicious food and various types of drinks in this neighborhood. The best part about Dumbo is that it's just across the bridge from Manhattan. So, if visitors are looking to enjoy a weekend away or an evening out on the town with friends, it’s the perfect place. Travelers will find plenty of entertainment options within a short distance.