Jumpverhuur, a Dutch party rental company, has introduced an inflatable rodeo unicorn. The ride can be rented for 575 euros per day in the Netherlands. The company will deliver the rainbow colored unicorn, as well as a ride operator, to hosts looking to provide their guests with three hours of fun riding entertainment.

The unicorn, which bounces and spins like a mechanical bull, is delivered on a small truck. Made in the Netherlands, the ride meets all safety regulations and has been inspected by Dutch authorities.


In other unicorn news, Cardiff in the UK will host the Unicorn and Prosecco Festival on July 21. The event, which claims to be "the most mythical and colorful experience in the land, where you will be free to release your inner unicorn," will feature the world's largest inflatable unicorn and a unicorn rodeo, as well as twenty different kinds of prosecco and numerous street food vendors. The event will take place from noon until 10 pm and will include DJs and live performances.

Sheffield in the UK will host the same event on August 4. Organizers say, "The unicorn is a legendary creature, described as having such unfathomable grace and beauty that any who witnessed it would explode into a rainbow. It is rivaled by only one other magical thing... Prosecco!"

The inflatable unicorn rodeo ride seems to be linked to the current unicorn trend, which has seen the colorful creature appear everywhere from Starbucks, which has introduced Unicorn Frappuccinos, to Fifth Avenue salons advertising unicorn hair — for "women, men, boys, and girls." The frenzy surrounding the legendary unicorn, which had its heyday in the 80s and 90s with My Little Pony, reached its peak this year.

According to Vaughn Scribner, an assistant history professor at the University of Central Arkansas, “This obsession with unicorns is nothing new — with social media, we’ve just found a different way to show it. In the 18th century, the smartest men in the world were running around trying to find unicorns and mermaids and monstrosities. Our society has always shared a wondrous hope that maybe a whimsical notion could be proven true.”

Others see the unicorn craze as a sign of the times. “Women are in need of fantastical magic in their lives right now, because we’re surrounded by culture and politics that are very bleak and dark and oppressive,” says brand strategist Jess Weiner. “Unicorns are rare, they’re powerful, and they’re imaginary, so they’re capable of anything.

Celebrities have also jumped on the unicorn bandwagon. Channing Tatum’s wife, Jenna Dewan, threw him a unicorn-themed bowling birthday party last year, and dressed up as a unicorn for Halloween. Also, just last week, Kim Kardashian threw a unicorn-themed birthday party for her daughter, North West, and her niece Penelope Disick.

So if you’re looking to keep up with the trend, take a trip to the Netherlands or the UK and join in the unicorn fun by riding the rainbow-colored creature and enjoying a glass of prosecco.

For more information on the Jumpverhuur inflatable unicorn, watch the video below: