Let’s be honest - summer is great and all, but we know what the least fun part about it is: the wasps.

Though they are small enough to squash with the bottom of a shoe, wasps are worst kind of party pooper. I think everyone can agree with that.

While those in North America are able to deal with these kinds of insects on a summerly basis, Britain is currently facing an epidemic of them throughout their pubs and beer gardens.

What the country is currently referring to as a “lager lout” wasp, these little buggers have been going on stinging rampages after getting drunk on sweet fruit and people’s leftover beers and ciders.


Experts say that the reason for this steady increase in wasps is due to their change in diet; a result of them no longer being able to feast on sugar-spit produced by the queen’s larvae. While this occurs each year, this year has definitely seen more of the insects hanging around.

After absorbing small doses of alcohol, the wasps then become irritable and are more likely to sting those around them. They are also drawn to sweet-scenting foods and drinks.

“Heat and humidity can impact upon wasp numbers, but so can a number of other factors,” said Dee Ward-Thompson, the technical manager at the British Pest Control Association. “Maybe the most influential factor on wasp numbers is when people do not dispose of their waste properly, especially food with a high sugar content, such as fruit.”

When discussing a few tricks to decrease the chances of wasps coming nearby, Ward-Thompson suggests getting rid of your garbage.

“We always advise waste to be securely bagged and held within a clean container, away from where young children might play.”

There are also other factors to consider in avoiding wasp stings. Prior to going outside, try not to put on strong scents such as soap and shampoo - wasps are attracted to the scent of flowers, so don’t smell like one.

In addition, don’t try to hit the insect. You will only make it more irritated - especially a drunk one - and it won’t increase the chances of it leaving you alone. Do not squash them or crush them either.