As the globe is such a diverse place, it is essential to recognize and respect the traditions and cultures of others. Outfits that are both appropriate for the desert climate and respectful of the culture are necessary when traveling to Oman.

For sure, when visitors first arrive in Oman, they may have the impression that the Omani clothing is separating them from the locals. However, it is more of a cultural asset than anything else in the country. Even though a country's dress code can be vastly different from others, visitors still should nonetheless respect it. Oman's dress code can be confusing, so here is a comprehensive guide on what to wear there.

8 Oman Is A Conservative Country, So Dress Appropriately

Western countries have a very lax approach to dressing. Oman, on the other hand, has a fairly conservative dress code. In fact, they are a Muslim country and there are much stricter rules in dress codes other than in parts of the world. So, tourists need to consider their overall outfits before going here to Oman.

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7 Cover Your Skin

Men are recommended to wear T-shirts that will cover their shoulders and long pants because short pants are not allowed to enter mosques. This should not be a worry as many do not wear shorts in Oman. Meanwhile, women are required to wear a shirt with long sleeves up to the wrist, long pants, an ankle-covering skirt, a headscarf, or light shawl to hide their hair.

6 Avoid Wearing Ripped Jeans, Piercings, Or Shirts With Inappropriate Images Or Texts

As Oman is very strict about the overall fashion of their locals and even tourists, it is better for tourists to wear accordingly, especially since locals in Oman are very traditional and culturally devoted to their teachings. So, it is good to avoid wearing ripped jeans, and shirts with offensive messages and do not reveal one’s piercings.

5 When Visiting The Mall Make Sure You Dress Properly

Locals and even foreigners should avoid wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts, and other provocative attire when visiting the mall. This is due to a recent change in the law requiring all genders to wear modestly when going out in public. In fact, public decency violations are punishable by a fine in the Omani penal code, according to Article 294 of their law. So it is a must to avoid any legal trouble!

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4 Want To Swim? Still Dress Properly

Shorts and t-shirts are acceptable attire for the beach for men. However, visitors will still be told by locals in the area that men are more than welcome to go topless in the water. Meanwhile, appropriate swimwear for ladies still varies significantly depending on where they are traveling or what region they are going to in Oman, so always check beforehand.

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3 For Footwear, Sandals Are The Norm

In terms of footwear, most people will be wearing sandals, unless they're going into the countryside, in which case they'll be wearing durable sneakers or light walking boots. So many locals in the area will be seen with sandals but tourists can still wear whatever shoes they would like.

2 Remember To Dress For The Weather

For tourists, it is recommended to wear a sarong or scarf to protect their face from the scorching Shamal wind that will blow in the spring and summer months of March, April, and May. Meanwhile, it is recommended for tourists to bring a light raincoat and a sweater if they are traveling in the winter months of December, January, and February.

1 Show Respect By Dressing Appropriately On Any Occasion In Oman

Although Omanis are friendly and hospitable, they will still express their gratitude and respect to anyone who will follow their traditions. This isn't just the case when it comes to clothing, but also when it comes to eating Omani food and behaving in Omani society. It's not just in Oman that visitors will likely experience this cultural thankfulness. So it is imperative that tourists will observe Oman's dress code to avoid offending the country's people. A common rule for both men and women is to avoid wearing exposed clothing that could either draw unwanted attention from others or cause them to feel awkward when speaking to visitors.

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