Canadian superstar, Drake, started from the bottom, now he's here, and by here we in the real estate game. Sure, everybody knows this former Degrassi High actor turned uber-famous rapper owns the entertainment world and even owns his own private jet. Still, not everyone is aware that he is also steadily building his real estate portfolio.

Drake is stealthy, acquiring some of the most luxurious properties in North America. He owns a monster of a mansion in his native country of Canada. The Toronto bachelor pad is nothing if not twenty-one thousand feet of magnificence. While many know about Drake's Canadian party pad, it has been showcased in both Architectural Digest and his new video Tootsie Slide; they might be surprised to hear that one mega-mansion isn't nearly enough for the rapping ladies man.


Check out these other California properties where Drake spends his time.

Drake's YOLO Mansion Is A Show Stopper

Drake purchased a stunning property in the Hidden Hills area of California back in 2012 from Saddle Ranch owner Larry Pollack. The home caught Drake's eye because of it's insane entertaining spaces, most importantly the pool area. He knew he had to have it, but when it hit the market, it was listed for a cool 27 million bucks. Drake played his cards right and snagged the Huff Hefner-esque estate for 7.7 million dollars.

His Hidden Hills YOLO Mansion Is A Partier's Dream

This place is pretty bananas. It includes a grotto, because how exactly would a rap star survive the world without a grotto, as well as tennis and basketball courts, stables, a mechanical bull and a stand-alone movie theater that seats roughly twenty-five people at a time. It also has a secret swinging bookshelf that leads to Drake's private quarters. Essentially it is the world's coolest playhouse, and Drake does play here.

And Because That Wasn't Enough, He Bought The Home Next To YOLO

When Drake moved into his Hidden Hills YOLO estate, he reportedly promised his neighbors that if his parties ever got too wild and loud, he would buy them home off of them. A couple of years ago, he did just that. He snapped up the neighboring home for just under three million dollars. Among the rich and famous, this adjoining property acquisition concept seems relatively standard. Kylie Jenner purchased the house next to hers so that she could transform it into an office space.

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A Third Hidden Hills Home Rounds Out The Compound And Looks To Be A Project

Two homes in the Hidden Hills should be enough for anyone living among the rich and famous, but Drake seems to be on a reality mission. The rap star set his sights on a third property, a 1950s style ranch home, and this one looks to be a bit of a fixer-upper. This pet project might be outdated, especially compared to the other properties Drake owns, but it still set the entertainer back several millions of dollars. Geez, Drake, how many homes do you need in your California compound?

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While His Cali Abodes Are Impressive, His Toronto Pad Is Absolute Boss

Drake's California compound is outstanding, and it seems to grow every couple of years, but nothing quite compares to his Toronto estate. The excessively lavish mansion took the superstar several years to renovate, and now it ranks up there will the most opulent properties in the world. The home, which was dreamed up by designer Ferris Rafauli, drips in materials like marble, granite, and bronze.

While the Hidden Hills properties might pale in comparison to the Toronto mega-mansion, one fact remains: all of Drake's homes are fly, and we would feel privileged to even step foot inside one of them.

We can't wait to see what he chooses to purchase and redesign next!

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