Drake was a loud presence when the Toronto Raptors battled the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals last season.

The Canadian rapper was center stage during the entertaining series, even making the news on a few occasions after getting into it with Warriors players and giving Raptors head coach Nick Nurse a quick neck rub on the sidelines.

It's no secret that the 32-year-old is a sports fanatic but these finals were special even by his standards, with Toronto going on to win their first NBA Championship in dramatic fashion.

With the celebrations in Canada jus about over, the Sacramento Kings are headed to India to play the first-ever NBA games in the country, thanks to the team's owner Vivek Ranadive. The Western Conference side will be playing the Indiana Pacers in Mumbai on Friday and Saturday and will be jetting over there in style as Drake has decided to loan them his modified $185 million Boeing 767.


The award-winning artist is letting the Kings use his plane to make the players' flight a more comfortable one.

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“Yesterday, out of consideration for the comfort of the players given the travel time required to make this historic trip to India, the Kings finalized an additional aircraft for the players and several members of the coaching staff,” the team told NBC Sports California.

“Drake is someone that I’ve met, that I know,” team point guard De’Aaron Fox said. “It’s great, I want to say thank you to Vivek for pushing for us to do this.”

Fox plans to catch up on some reading and gaming during the 22-hour flight but his teammate Marvin Bagley is keen on using that time to write an album - he might find he has too much time, though.

“I might have to write a new album in that 18-hour flight, it’s going to be a long one,” the forward joked. “I’m definitely going to have my pen and pad ready.”

It will be hard to avoid the jet lag and body clock rewiring a 22-hour flight could bring on. But at least the Kings are traveling to India aboard Air Drake.