People searching for a Caribbean getaway will find no better place than Jamaica. Thanks to its mouthwatering seafood, pristine beaches, and unique laid-back vibe, there’s no doubt that this tremendous sunny island nation remains one of the most attractive vacation destinations worldwide. People come to Jamaica to enjoy its magnificent nature, exciting nightlife, lovely music, and yummy eats.

Moreover, the country is home to fantastic party hotels and adult-only accommodations. Jamaica is also a year-round destination, where people should plan for their trip to enjoy the most out of it. However, although it’s easy to visit this unique Caribbean country, there are some things that people should avoid to ensure that they will spend a truly hassle-free vacation.


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This Is What To Know About Cabs And Strangers In Jamaica

Many people visiting Jamaica for the first time will be tricked into believing that the best way to explore the country is by taking a cab. However, there are many reasons to avoid taking this decision and find other ways to tour Jamaica without booking a private taxi. The first reason for that is the dominant bargaining culture in the country, where people unfamiliar with haggling will be taken advantage of by drivers and demanded to pay an unfairly expensive fare.

  • Recommended: Although not all cab drivers are scammers, a better decision would be to book a guided tour in Jamaica or use a car rental service.

Another mistake that people visiting Jamaica for the first time fall into is taking rides with strangers. However, this does not mean that one should not socialize with locals and make new friends with Jamaican residents. Still, visitors to the country must not put themselves in a position where strangers can take advantage of them in an unfamiliar place.

  • Recommended: Instead of taking rides or traveling with strangers, people visiting Jamaica can use public transport, such as red-plate cabs or buses. They can also ask drivers for directions if they feel lost.

This Is The Food To Avoid In Jamaica & What To Know About Your Belongings

Jamaica is known for its fresh and yummy seafood. Many people visit the country to taste every seafood item on the restaurant’s menus. However, people must know which kinds of food to try and which to avoid. For instance, they should only opt for local seafood instead of sourced ones. The latter tend to be priced higher and less fresh. As a result, people will be paying more for lower-quality items.

  • Information: Sourced or non-local seafood in Jamaica includes salmon and tiger prawns. Moreover, people visiting the country must know that catching lobster is illegal between July and March during the off-season. Thus, they must avoid consuming them during that time of the year, although the seafood is sourced locally.

Another thing people must know is that they should keep an eye on their belongings at all times. It is evident that such a step must be adopted when traveling anywhere in the world. However, it must also be implemented mainly and with more vigilance in Jamaica. This is because there are many pickpockets in places frequented by tourists, such as Ocho Rios and Montego Bay.

  • Recommended: People are advised to keep their money tucked safely with them when visiting Jamaica. They must also keep their wallets in their front pockets. People will not be happy to lose any valuables because Jamaican police are unreliable when dealing with petty crimes. That is because the police in Jamaica are severely understaffed and underpaid. As a result, there is an insufficient workforce to deal with stealing incidents. From here comes the importance of practicing caution during a trip to Jamaica.

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What To Know About Jamaica’s Roadside Jerk Shacks, And Other Things To Avoid

Jamaica is home to many roadside jerk shacks that many people might be fooled with or may be tricked into underestimating their importance. While they have a low-frills appearance, the foods served in those shacks are much tastier than many restaurants in the area and very reasonably priced. Moreover, people can find attractive deals there, including barbecue nights and all-inclusive meals. At those roadside jerk shacks, people also can meet other tourists and mingle with the locals.

There are a handful of other things also to avoid when visiting Jamaica for the first time. For instance, travelers to the country must avoid wandering away from their groups, backpacking alone through the country, walking around Kingston at night, using American Dollars, and more. In short, to enjoy the most of Jamaica, it is essential to exercise caution during a trip to this great island nation in the Caribbean. After all, Jamaica is one of the most relaxed vacation spots worldwide.

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