The United States attracts visitors worldwide to witness its bucket list destinations, the most spectacular scenery in the world, and the most recognizable icons on the planet. Incredible sights are sprinkled around the country, and people with unlimited time and resources will enjoy the most of their trip to the greatest country in the world. Visitors to the US will want to hit the iconic Grand Canyon, marvelous Niagara Falls, historic Statue of Liberty, the White House, Walt Disney World Resort, the magnificent island of Waikiki, the fantastic Las Vegas Strip, Yosemite National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Times Square, and the list goes on.


However, despite the US being the country of freedom, there are many things to avoid when spending a vacation there. Here's a guide to the do's and dont's when visiting the US.

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Here Are The Things To Do When Visiting The US For The First Time

When eating out at a restaurant in the United States, people must leave tips since service workers rely on them, and tips make up a large percentage of their salaries. One is recommended to leave a tip anywhere between 10% and 20%. Some restaurants in the US will automatically include a tipping fee of around 18% in the bill once they know the client is coming from another country. In other places, the customer can put as many tips as they want. However, it isn't polite to walk out of a restaurant without putting tips at all.

  • Recommended: People are advised to read their restaurant bill in detail and refer to the management if they find suspicious tip charges inside.

Americans are very time-sensitive, and they take punctuality very seriously. Thus, a meeting at 7:00 pm means 7:00 pm sharp. Moreover, it is better to reach the place a couple of minutes ahead of the meeting. According to Americans, being late is rude. People who don't know the area where they're heading must give themselves more time than they think they need to go somewhere. This is to avoid heavy traffic and other unexpected delays that might occur.

In many parts of the world, people think that No Parking signs and stop lights are just suggestions for drivers. However, this case does not apply to the US. In most jurisdictions inside the country, parking and traffic laws are seriously enforced. This is why people visiting the United States must respect traffic laws and abide by the regulations. Moreover, it is worthy to note that Americans drive on the right-hand side of the road, opposite Australia, the UK, and other countries.

When visiting the United States, it is a must to see the fantastic national parks in the country, and not only hit fan-favorite places, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington DC. At the unique national parks of the US, people will have the chance to witness mammals only found in North America, such as grizzly bears.

Kindness Is Key

In the United States, it is essential to be kind to people. When asking questions, one is expected to say "please" and "thank you." Moreover, people visiting the US must be patient. Locals will reward kind people, and they will be guided to the best in their cities and towns.

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Here's What Not To Do When Visiting The United States For The First Time

The United States is larger than Europe. This is why people must not expect to see and do too much during their first short trip to the country. Many travelers to the states think they can see Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC in a single trip. However, such a tour will leave one extremely tired and exhausted. A better way to experience America is to focus on one region and travel deeper. So, they must either focus on East Coast or West Coast destinations during a single trip. Areas of the East Coast include Washington DC and New York City, while West Coast destinations include San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Some people like to visit other areas, such as the Northwest, Midwest, and Southwest.

Some smokers may not like the situation in some states in America because they have implemented some of the harshest anti-smoking policies in the world. For instance, Chicago, San Francisco, New York City, Seattle, Washington DC, and others ban smoking in clubs, restaurants, bars, malls, and other places. Furthermore, California has expanded its smoking ban to private residences, healthcare facilities, beaches, and parks. Thus, when visiting the US for the first time, people must not assume that they can smoke anywhere they want.

American slang must be avoided at all costs. This is because American people will feel offended and take very seriously any demeaning or degrading comments associated with specific ethnic groups or races. It would also be better to adopt daily-life vocabulary, such as "How are you doing" instead of "How are you."

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