People wishing to let loose, going on adventures, indulging in delicious meals, and taking the beauty around them, will find the answers to their wishes in a trip to the Bahamas. Every year, more than 7 million visitors come to this unique spot on earth to enjoy the many attractions and special activities it has to offer. They come to witness the magical Atlantis Paradise Island, visit the famous cruise ship port, Nassau, and experience the marvelous Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.

Moreover, people visit the Bahamas to see Harbour Island and Grand Bahama Island and dive and fish on Andros Island. While the attractions in the Bahamas are endless, and fun opportunities are never-ending, there are a handful of things that people must avoid when visiting this unique country in the Caribbean. This is to enjoy a truly hassle-free experience.


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This Is What To Know About Treating Locals When Visiting The Bahamas

People visiting the Bahamas for the first time will notice that locals are very hospitable. For instance, taxi drivers will communicate with tourists and tell them personal stories. Straw market vendors will refer people to restaurants for lunch and dinner, and tour guides will have no problem adjusting schedules according to the tourist’s intentions. However, visitors to the Bahamas must not take this kindness for granted. This is because Bahamians working in the tourism industry have been trained to provide excellent service. As a result, tourists are expected to be respectful in return, avoid harassing locals, treating them poorly, threatening them, or taking any other demeaning actions towards them.

Another thing to know is that most Bahamians receive low wages, meaning they depend on tips. As a result, tourists must keep in mind that they have to tip the servers in the Bahamas.

  • Recommended: Although restaurants in the Bahamas automatically charge 15% gratuity to bills, people are advised to tip the servers extra. This is because a portion of the 15% gratuity goes to the restaurant’s owners. Moreover, tourists must tip housekeepers, taxi drivers, salespeople in shops, and tour guides.

Also, at grocery stores, some people pack the items for those purchasing goods and take them to their cars. Those people are known as Packing Boys and rely on receiving tips from people to pack their bags and deliver them to their vehicles. Packing Boys are mostly unwaged school-age children and adults. Tourists who don’t intend to tip Packing Boys must not have them carry their bags. Moreover, they are advised to tip them for packing their bags. Those who don’t want to have their bags packed by those people must pack them by themselves.

What To Know About Credit Cards And Resorts In The Bahamas

While large businesses and resorts process credit card payments, many places in the Bahamas accept only cash. This is because small companies have to pay for machine rentals and processing fees for the banks, making it unprofitable to accept credit card payments. Those who take card transactions will set a minimum amount to be paid by the purchaser.

  • Recommended: People visiting the Bahamas must check if a business accepts credit card payments before reaching the cashier. It is wise for tourists to take cash with them to the country. US dollar bills are accepted in the Bahamas, and the local currency can be withdrawn from ATMs in most banks and gas stations. It is also wise to carry some small bills for tipping.

Many people visiting the Bahamas want to enjoy a couples-only experience while being in the lap of luxury. However, they must avoid spending the whole time of their trip in the resort. This is because they must experience the most of the Bahamas by dining at local restaurants, purchasing authentic Bahamian souvenirs, and hitting local attractions. They also must enjoy the sun on a public beach and check out art galleries.

Another thing that people must know is that resorts in the Bahamas are foreign-owned, and money spent there does not reach the local economy. This is why they are expected to spend money off-property to benefit the lives of people who make their experience in the Bahamas unforgettable.

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Additional Things To Avoid When Visiting The Bahamas

There are a handful of other things that people visiting the Bahamas for the first time must avoid in the country. These include buying mass-produced and inauthentic souvenirs, crossing the streets without looking, blocking traffic with scooters, feeding beer to the pigs, touching the coral, and demanding gratitude for visiting the country.

In short, people can come to the Bahamas to enjoy all this magical spot on earth has to offer while keeping in mind that they have a responsibility to respect the country they’re visiting and appreciate the locals for their hard work and hospitality.

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