Doritos are extremely popular tortilla chips blasted with a sumptuous nacho cheese flavor. Because of the snack's popularity, the Frito-Lay company has created multiple flavors of Doritos. The most popular flavors are easily the traditional nacho cheese and the cool ranch flavor. But they also have several varieties of spicy chips in increasing levels of hotness. Other flavors include salsa verde, taco, toasted corn, and more.

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However, even though American flavors sound like an exotic array of choices, it doesn't compare to Japan. Japan has countless flavors of Doritos ranging from icky (shrimp mayonnaise) to strange (seaweed) to delicious (fried chicken). We're calling attention to ten of the most awesome flavors you can only find in Japan.

10 Coconut Curry

Curry is a super popular addition to food around the world. People often mix curry into their dishes whether it be chicken, vegetables, rice, fish, etc. There are countless ways to utilize curry in a food dish. Commonly, it is evenly mixed into a sauce.

Then you have coconut, something else that is immensely popular and often used in all kinds of dishes, both sweet and savory. How would you like to try a Coconut Curry Dorito? It's a savory chip, which makes sense because coconut may be sweet but it is often used in meat dishes or even cooked into the rice.

9 Sausage Doritos

What is sausage? One of the world's greatest breakfast foods? One of the best pork byproducts we've ever created? Sausage Doritos may send like an odd choice to be created by the chip company but you'd be surprised how delicious they are. There are even recipes for meals containing Sausage Doritos such as Sausage Dorito casserole.

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The chips are one of many in the odd and awesome flavors of chips specifically made for Japanese shoppers. But if you are super inclined to get your hands on Sausage Doritos you'll be able to go to Amazon to find a bag and order it straight to your home!

8 Steak Doritos

For people who like their meat with a side of chips, you could get the best of both worlds with Japanese Steak Doritos. It is unclear if these chips are made medium, rare, or well-done. But they are known for tasting oddly similar to the fancy red meat. Steak Doritos come in a white bag with a picture of strips of steak grilling on the front of the bag.

They are coated in something called mixed-up salt to add in some extra spice and seasoning. The snacks make a good addition to their potato flavored chips if you want some good old-fashioned steak and potatoes!

7 German Potato Doritos

Did you think I was joking when I mentioned the potato flavored chips? It is a little odd that something already sort of made out of potatoes would then be made flavored as potatoes. It's almost like a chip-flavored chip at that point.

However, what makes these chips special is they are German Potato Doritos, which means they come with all the seasonings one would find on the delicious miniature roasted potatoes. Like real German potatoes, these Doritos are flavored with onion and bacon offerings. They remind you of the greasy goodness of the notable bar food. Pair these with your Steak Doritos.

6 Garlic Doritos

Garlic is one of those flavors you either love or hate. When you think of something like Garlic Doritos, you might anticipate it could come from Italy as the nation seriously loves garlic enough to put it in just about every dish ever made. As for Garlic Doritos, they are particularly delicious although they are very strong.

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If you like your garlic raw then you'll have a better idea of what to expect when eating one of these. The intensity of the garlic is potent. You probably won't be kissing anyone for a while after chowing down on a bag of these.

5 Gourmet Fondue Doritos

Japanese Doritos went up to a whole other level with Gourmet Fondue Cheese Doritos. Many people love fondue. It's popular party food and many will dip chips, vegetables, meats, and other snacks into the liquid cheese. You can use fondue with different kinds of cheese too, although cheddar tends to be the traditional choice.

With the Fondue Dorito flavor, it doesn't taste all that different from nacho cheese you might buy at the store; nevertheless, it is distinctive from the classic Dorito flavor. It has more of a synthetic taste to it, which could be good or bad depending on how you feel about Dorito chips in general.

4 Sesame Chicken Doritos

Most people can't get enough sesame chicken. When you order Chinese take-out, one of the most popular choices on the menu is the sesame chicken, the General Tsao chicken, or even the orange chicken. People just really love chicken. So why wouldn't that translate over equally well into a chip flavor?

Japan has special sesame chicken-flavored Doritos and they're certainly worth your money. The bag even pairs an appetizing photograph of perfectly prepared sesame chicken alongside a stout pint of beer. Eat a bowl of these chips alongside a beer and enjoy the burst of the saucy tang on your tongue when biting into each one.

3 Caesar Salad Doritos

Caesar Salad Doritos are flavored with just a few essential ingredients, black pepper, cheese, and bacon. It's actually a little disappointing that they wouldn't go farther in the flavoring of these Doritos by not adding Caesar dressing into the mix. You would think that by creating Caesar Salad Doritos they would go all the way and add the most important ingredient!

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Bacon is also a strange choice considering most caesar salads come with chicken instead of bacon but anything is possible, both in the world of salad mix-ins and Dorito flavors, especially if you're in Japan. What's strange is that the chip bag shows Doritos on the edge of the plate, maybe they make for a good addition to the top?

2 Sriracha Doritos

Fans of Doritos have probably tried their extra spicy flavor that incorporates the standard nacho cheese with a fiery aftertaste. Our American-made fiery-brand Doritos do have a strong amount of heat but Japan might just outdo us with their special Sriracha-flavored Doritos. Sriracha has become all the rage recently.

Many people even carry around mini bottles of the hot sauce with them to make sure they've got the perfect seasoning on the go. These Doritos follow the standard ingredient protocol except they add an extra-hot layer of heat and sweetness. In addition to adding the Sriracha taste, it also incorporates garlic and pepper.

1 Caramel Doritos

Most of the Doritos on this list are savory or spicy, but this final one on the list is a sweet Dorito chip that will hit your sweet tooth and make for a great dessert snack. They're caramel-flavored! They don't come in the shape of the traditional Dorito chip either, which makes them a different snack from the other chips on this list.

They retain their corn chip taste but come in a corkscrew-like shape. Some American Frito-Lay chips have been sold like this too such as the barbecue Fritos. Don't worry about these chips being overly sweet, they do taste fairly like caramel. They're not dissimilar to the cinnamon twists served at Taco Bell.

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