Disney may be the most magical place on Earth... but not for collectibles shoppers, as Disney is now revoking annual passes if it catches a guest re-selling souvenirs. Anyone who has visited one of the Disney parks knows that the rides and the characters are only part of the attraction - and that the shopping and dining options are a huge draw for many visitors. Disney parks feature stores around every corner, many of them themed to specific rides or locations, and guests love scooping up souvenirs featuring their favorite characters.


Most people picking up those iconic Mickey Mouse ears or a novelty drink cup just want to take them home as a fun reminder of their day at the park - but there are an increasing number of people who are making money by buying park exclusive and re-selling them. These 'flippers' know that serious Disney collectors will pay a markup to get their hands on a limited edition park exclusive (whether that is a pin or a popcorn bucket), and flippers can increase profits further with an annual pass that gives them a discount on purchases. Now, however, Disney has wised up to these shoppers, and has started to revoke their annual passes to the parks.

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According to the Orange County Register, multiple re-sellers have been targeted in recent weeks, and their passes are being revoked with no warning. Re-sellers are still being required to keep paying for the passes if they are on a monthly plan, as well, and can only apply for a new annual pass after a period of 12 months. Reactions to the news has been mixed, with the flippers and personal shoppers (unsurprisingly) unimpressed, but with regular park goers thrilled about the idea of it becoming easier for them to buy collectible items for themselves.

Making it easier for guests to actually buy collectible items is a big reason for Disney's decision to crack down on re-sellers; guests have been (understandably) frustrated by lining up to try and buy an item, only to see someone walking away with a handful of that same piece... and most likely, about to sell it online for a profit. This kind of re-selling also clearly violates the terms and conditions of the annual passes;

benefits and discounts are for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose including, without limitation, to obtain or purchase items or services with the intent to resell such items or services.

However, some re-sellers are suggesting that this new crack-down by Disney has little to do with creating a better experience for park-goers who want to get that special souvenir, and everything to do with money. Not only do they believe that Disney wants to prevent people from profiting from their annual pass discounts, but that this move comes now because Disney is hoping to push more collectors to use their 'Shop The Park' site. Whatever their reasons, anyone looking to re-sell collectible items should be careful... although Disney is not banning these shoppers, and they are still able to pick up regular priced day passes to return to the park if they choose.

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Source: Orange County Register