Even if you don't have a dog, there's a good chance that you absolutely adore them. After all, they're well known for being man's best friend - and that isn't the kind of title that should be taken lightly.

While we are on board when it comes to being part of Team Dog, though, even we will admit that there are negatives to go alongside the positives of taking a dog with you on a trip.

It's a big risk one way or another depending on how attached to the little pup you are because let's face it, they're pretty much our children.

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10 GREAT - Conversation Starter

It should be fairly obvious to all at this point, but if you have a dog and someone else has a dog, it’s a natural conversation starter. Even if you’re the only one with a dog it causes a bit of a stir, because most folks enjoy petting down a good doggo from time to time.

If you’re heading somewhere on your own then it can be particularly beneficial, as it allows you to expand your horizons and meet some members of the local community.

It may not seem that interesting, but it’s a start.

9 NOT GREAT - The Smell

Dogs are smelly animals, naturally, but more often than not, you’re able to contain that smell to within your own home – if traveling is on the agenda, that obviously won’t be possible.

Some can handle the scent a bit better than others and will just laugh it off, but it could be a real cause for concern.

This is especially accurate if you’ve got a French bulldog because god knows they can let off some absolute stinkers that would be enough to clear just about any room in the history of mankind.

8 GREAT - A Lovely Companion

Traveling solo is never fun and even if you’re going with a friend or a partner, an additional furry friend is always going to make for an extra pleasant journey.

A lack of companionship is something that most of us have, or will, suffer from at some point throughout our lives. It could be brief or it could go on for years, but either way, it’s important to have that every so often.

Dogs are great companions and their unconditional love is always welcome, regardless of the scenario, rhyme or reason.

7 NOT GREAT - Extra Costs

While you may be saving on money from the kennels or dogsitter that you don’t have to pay, there are also the other extra costs that need to be considered.

This includes travel insurance for the dog, a passport for the dog, accommodation for the dog and the extra seat just to get it on whatever form of transport that you’re using.

If you happen to be driving then it isn’t going to be quite as much of an issue, but all of these things add up quicker than you could ever realize.

6 GREAT - Safety

While the beauty of dogs is that most of them don’t have an aggressive bone in their body, one thing they’re great at is protecting their owner.

Whatever the situation may be, if you have your dog with you and there is a sense of danger in the air, they’re going to do everything within their power to ensure that the danger in question is removed fairly rapidly.

It’s their natural instinct to make sure that we, the ones that feed them & walk them, are fit enough to do just that.

5 NOT GREAT - Possible Conflicts

Not every single dog is going to get along with every other dog, and that’s just the way it goes. You could run into a pug that has an attitude problem or a Lhasa Apso that just doesn’t live your attitude – whatever the case may be, maintaining a relaxed approach to this is not the smartest play.

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Instead, it could lead to you not wanting to even get close to a position like this in the first place.

Trips away are all about relaxing and there’s a risk you aren’t going to get that luxury with a pup.

4 GREAT - Their Reactions

When you walk down the road and buy a doggy ice cream for them to try or you go on the beach and let them off the lead, it’s all about the reaction. It’s so much fun to just allow your dog to roam free and experience different parts of everyday life, mainly because you get to capture the moment – either in your own mind or on a camera.

Cats are great but they just don’t have the same kinds of instincts as dogs do, and a lot of that comes from facial expressions.

3 NOT GREAT - Hotel Restrictions

A lot of hotels simply are not going to allow dogs to stay in their accommodation and that much is just a fact. There are certain hygiene issues that will not allow for dogs to spend the night, or even the day, in most hotels.

Therefore, you need to get creative. Either staying in your car or getting an Airbnb are two of the many solutions, but if it’s all about making life easier for yourselves, then avoiding the whole situation entirely could be the right road to go down.

2 GREAT - They Love Adventures

If you’ve ever seen a dog run down the road or play with their pals, then you’ll be well aware of how much fun they truly do have. Even lazy dogs are all about experiencing the thrill of adventure and everything that comes with it.

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Denying them that opportunity is never all that enjoyable, and while they could find such adrenaline rushes in their everyday schedules back home, it’s just different when you’re in an entirely new environment.

As is the case for humans, it gives them a buzz – plus, plenty of new things to pee on.

1 NOT GREAT - Increased Anxiety

This one goes both ways. The owner isn’t going to be able to settle down knowing that they have to tend to the dog as well as themselves and anyone else in their respective party. The dog, in turn, isn’t going to relax due to the uncertain surroundings that they find themselves in.

There is a lot of pressure riding on any kind of transport or travel with a dog, and the reasons we’ve documented today mark just a few of them. Anxiety is difficult when you’re in your front room watching television, let alone when you’re traveling.

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