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If vacationers are looking for a different way to enjoy the beauty of Arizona, then the Grand Falls might be just what they're after. The Grand Falls is nestled near the Havasupai Tribe's reservation in northern Arizona. The hike here is not particularly difficult. While it is five miles long, the majority of that distance is spent in the beautiful forest with no inclines or descents. Hikers who are interested in visiting the Grand Falls of the Little Colorado River in Arizona should know that they will not need a permit to do so.


Why Visit Arizona's Grand Falls?

The falls at Grand Fall are absolutely stunning, towering over the desert and appearing like some kind of watery cathedral. The water also descends in such an incredible way since it seems as if one can see right through it and into another dimension. It's truly a sight to behold, and some say it's so pretty that it's more of a work of art than anything else. It is also part of the greater Painted Desert Area.

The view at the Grand Fall is extremely impressive, whether a visitor is standing on the rocks below watching the water plunge into the pool or admiring it from a distance.

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Grand Falls is a unique waterfall that offers spectacular sights. It towers over visitors, and the silence that it often accompanies is unlike any other. Those who visit are always left feeling renewed and refreshed. This makes it a great place for picnics or just taking a breather from the hustle of everyday life.

How To Reach Grand Falls?

Grand Falls, also known as Chocolate Falls, is located northeast of Flagstaff, Arizona. The best way to reach Grand Falls is by car. From Flagstaff, take Interstate I-40 east for approximately 15 miles. At exit 211, turn left to join Route 394. After that, turn right to join Route 419 (Leupp Road). Drive for about 15 miles, then turn left to join unpaved Indian Route 70. Continue for another nine miles. At the end of the road, one will find a parking area and a short trail leading to the falls. Because of its remote location, Grand Falls isn't a well-known gem. Visitors are encouraged to arrive at the falls early in the morning or late in the evening to enjoy the peaceful and serene environment.

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When Is Grand Falls Flowing?

The best time to see Grand Falls is during the spring runoff, which typically occurs between April and May. The waterfall is fed by the Little Colorado River, and the amount of water flowing over the falls can vary greatly depending on recent rainfall.

Even during the peak flow period, Grand Falls may only be flowing for a few hours each day. The best time to see the falls is early in the morning before the sun heats up the air and dries up the waterfall. Vacationers should bring plenty of water and sunscreen, as there is no shade at Grand Falls. There are no developed facilities at the falls, so visitors should also be prepared for a primitive experience.

The falls get even better when one includes some backlighting from the rising or setting sun. Travelers can use a long telephoto lens to compress the waterfall into an image that's easy to capture on the camera's sensor. The morning light will also create a colorful background. Travelers should try getting colorful pictures of Grand Falls with red rocks against a blue sky.

Details About The Grand Falls Hike

For tourists planning to go hiking, here are key things to note:

  • Hike Length: The Grand Falls hike is approximately one-half miles. Once hikers reach the river, they'll be able to see the falls in all their glory. The waterfall is about 185 feet tall and is a popular destination for those that want a little adventure.
  • Difficulty level: It is considered moderate in difficulty. The trailhead can be found a small distance from the entrance, and from there, it's an easy hike down to the river.

Here are a few things to help vacationers make the most of their hike to Grand Falls:

  • Bring plenty of water. There is no potable water available at the falls, so they'll need to bring enough for both drinking and cleaning purposes. At least two quarts per person are recommended.
  • Pack lunch and snacks. There are no food options available near Grand Falls, so tourists should come prepared with their own picnic lunch and snacks.
  • Wear sturdy shoes. The terrain around the falls can be uneven and slippery, so travelers should wear shoes that will provide good traction and support.
  • Be aware of the surroundings. Because Grand Falls is located in a remote area, it's important to be aware of the surroundings at all times. If visitors see any signs of danger, such as wildlife or unstable footing, they should turn back immediately.

If a traveler is planning for a vacation in Arizona, one of the must-do activities is visiting Grand falls. It doesn’t require any special permits or fees, yet there are still plenty of trails and tourist attractions nearby. This guide helps vacationers plan their own adventures at this beautiful location.