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Michigan is known for its incredible campsites and scenic state parks. While packing a tent and heading out with only the bare essentials is something many rugged outdoor enthusiasts enjoy, not everyone is keen on spending a night outside without a solid roof over their heads. For those who would prefer to keep some rustic charm but also enjoy a night indoors, Michigan State Park's do offer a variety of cabin rental options.

While this is unbeknownst to many, it's a great way to appreciate Michigan's natural beauty and remote state parks without the need to pitch a tent. The convenience and ease of these cabin rentals are worth booking in advance, especially with overnight options such as these.


Reservations & Fees For Michigan State Park Cabin Rentals

There are more options for cabin rentals in Michigan's most scenic State Parks than many visitors realize, if they're at all aware of these great rentals. They offer a taste of the Great Outdoors while also eliminating the stress of pitching a tent, unrolling a sleeping bag, and setting up camp. They also range from actual cabins to RV campers and even glamp-style tents, which also fit a variety of budgets for those who are on the fence about utilizing the overnight accommodations at Michigan's State Parks.

Reservations For Michigan State Park Rentals

Reservations for cabins can be made up to one year in advance, which means that campers should start thinking about their trips long before it's time to book. Reservations do fill up fast, so those interested will want to start their research asap. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, reservations can be made in real-time from the reservation page. This allows campers to reserve a specific site, therefore giving them all the cabin details before they've even arrived. For those seeking a truly rustic experience, the rustic campsites can be reserved year-round, while more modern cabins open anywhere from the late spring to early summer.

Rates For Michigan State Park Rentals

Rates vary between rentals, with the more rustic accommodations being somewhere around $22, and modern cabins featuring rates up to $90 during the peak cabin season. The exact price breakdown for every single cabin in every state park can be found here, along with details regarding the opening season.

Types Of Cabin Rentals One Can Find At Michigan State Parks

To say that there's a cabin for everyone in one of Michigan's State Parks would be an understatement. With so many to choose from, it's perhaps easiest to start by knowing which types of cabins - or lodging, more accurately - one can look forward to.

'Unique' Lodging Options, From Glamping To Cottages And Domes

Visitors to the Michigan State Parks that specialize in 'unique' lodging will have the option to choose from A-frame cabins, small cottages, geometric domes, tiny houses (coming soon), hammocks, and even glampsite tents. The latter feature safari-style accommodations, which is a great compromise between traditional rustic camping and modern cabin overnights.

These can be found at:

More Traditional 'Mini Cabins' In Michigan State Parks

Mini cabins are perfect for groups of four or less, as they are smaller than the average cabin. With that being said, they offer shelter from the outdoors and basic amenities, such as electricity, bunk beds, microwaves, and mini refrigerators.

Renters are required to bring their own bedding, as well as dishes and cookware.

These mini cabins are available at these state parks:

Rustic Cabins Provide A More Traditional Off-Grid Experience

Those seeking out a more traditional log cabin experience will be happy to know that these can also be found in Michigan's state parks. These cabins can also accommodate more people, with the largest group size being up to 24 guests, but as few as two. Included are bunk beds, a table, chairs, a broom, and a propane heater or wood stove. Additionally, a vault toilet is located nearby, but not uncomfortably close to, the rustic cabins.

Renters must provide their own bedding, dishes, and cookware.

These rustic-style cabins can be found at:

Camper Cabins Offer A More Luxe Experience That Is Still Rustic

With 400 square feet of room to spare, camper cabins are the ultimate in rustic luxury at Michigan's state parks. These cabins are equipped with electricity, two sets of bunk beds, a futon, shelves, fire pit, and a picnic table. Additionally, restrooms and shower facilities are located nearby.

These cabins also overlook scenic waterways, so they're worth the extra price for the incredible views they offer. They are available at:

Additional Cabin-Style Accommodations That Can Be Found In Michigan's State Parks

While they're not classified as cabins, those interested in something other than traditional tent camping might find that one of these piques their interest:

  • Lodges: Offering a more upscale experience with fully-equipped kitchens, as well as indoor bathroom and amenities within the unit.
  • Yurts: Similar to glamping but with a sturdy structure, they feature a bunk bed, a table, chairs, armoires, a wood stove with a cooktop, and small propane grills.
  • Teepees: For those seeking a tent-like shelter that's already constructed, teepees are a great, rustic option. These feature closeable flaps, a solid floor, and either bunk beds or cots.
  • Pop-up Campers: Michigan State Park campers come with basic amenities to make camping easy for renters. Note: These are only available at Bewabic State Park and Cheboygan State Park.

Michigan's State Parks offer a temporary home for avid and beginner campers alike, with plenty of accommodation options depending on skill level and desired experience. These cabin rentals are the perfect option for those who want more than a traditional vacation camping in a tent, with enough amenities to keep them comfortable in the duration.