There are many misconceptions about sharks that only add to the fear and paranoia surrounding their stigma, but the truth is, they usually don't want anything to do with humans. While some might become curious or aggressive when there's blood (food) in the water, shark attacks are rare and few and far in between, and there are ways to stay safe when diving with them.

That's why diving with sharks has become such a popular activity for thrill-seekers and even celebs get in on the action. It can be a once in a lifetime chance to observe these monstrous feeding machines up close and personal and can be done from the safety of an underwater cage. For those who truly like to test their adrenaline, there are even some locations that allow shark diving with no cages at all. Ready to take the plunge?


Beqa Lagoon In Fiji

Beqa Lagoon is home to the Shark Reef Marine Reserve and here, divers will encounter a wide array of sharks, making it one of the most popular places to seek diving. Not only are the surroundings beautiful, but divers will also see colorful corals and experience underwater flora as they've never seen before.

Tiger, bull, lemon, silvertip, whitetip, grey, and tawny nurse sharks are some of the varieties divers can potentially witness on a Fiji shark dive.

Tiger Beach In The Bahamas

The Bahamas is well-known for its shark diving and snorkeling, and Tiger Beach is one of the most popular, for good reason. The species that dwell near the Caribbean reefs include hammerheads, white tips, and, of course, tiger sharks.

Going to the Bahamas, specifically Tiger Beach also gives divers the option to swim with Tiger sharks cage-free - which means diving with no protection or barrier whatsoever between a diver and the sharks they encounter. This is the most thrilling of the dives, as it adds a level of intimacy and freedom to what would otherwise be a fairly controlled cage dive, and you can say it's pretty shark-infested territory.

Socorro Islands Off The Coast Of Mexico

This island is fairly remote which means divers will need to plan out their trip ahead of time, including transportation to Socorro. The best time to visit is one of two times of the year: Between November and December or between May and June.

The draw of Socorro is the sheer number of sharks that congregate off the island's coast - many have reported up to 50 hammerheads swimming in one school. If this dive wasn't intimidating enough, divers also have the chance to see schools of whitetips, and the island is also home to the famed giant Manta.

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Fakarava In French Polynesia

Do hundreds of sharks sound like a great way to become fully immersed in an underwater world? This is something divers could have the chance to experience in Fakarava! Not only do varieties of sharks come out to feed during the grouper spawn, but divers can also experience other species of predatory fish that come out to get in on the action during the full moon.

While divers are there, they can also seek out various WWII ship and plane wrecks to explore, which might even land them face to face in yet another shark encounter.

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Cocos Island In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is arguably one of the best places to shark dive, and Cocos Island is famous for one shark, in particular: the hammerhead. Divers have the chance to see schools of this predatory hunter but might also see others, such as whale sharks, silvertips, and even silky sharks.

This island is home to an entire slew of marine life, however, including manta rays and stunning tropical fish varieties, so there's truly something for everyone.

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