Disney is known for their fully-immersive experiences and while they've had Star Wars attractions before, none have been so all-encompassing as the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel that's currently in the works. The hotel itself is being called the Halcyon and it's here that fans can spend the night, which will begin and end with a fully authentic intergalactic experience. From the moment guests 'board' the Halcyon, they'll feel as though they've taken the first steps toward outer space travel. While Virgin Atlantic is currently trying to make this a legitimate thing, Disney is giving fans a chance to experience it from a luxe point of view, with hotel rooms that are just as accommodating as one would expect on a space ship.


It's not out of the realm of possibility for guests to feel as though R2D2 or Chewbacca is about to come running down the hallway at them, as this entire hotel has been outfitted to resemble something straight from the series that fans have grown to love so much. It's a future must-visit for any true fan, especially those who have always wanted a chance to know what it feels like aboard a real starcruiser.

An Inside Look At The Galactic Starcruiser

Checking into a hotel such as this is a bit different from the typical hotel experience. For starters, guests will be checking in as groups before being led through the terminal, which will then lead them to the launch pod. This will all feel very authentic and realistic, as guests will feel as though they're truly entering a spaceship of sorts. The rooms themselves are decked out and filled with a wide range of Star Wars details, but they're not themed in the way that most pop culture hotels are. Rather, these rooms have been built to resemble actual space cabins, complete with a full bed as well as the option for bunker beds.

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The experience will last for two days and two nights and will also include other Star Wars-themed activities; guests have the chance to learn how to wield a lightsaber and can control their own scheduled activities via a control panel in their room. They'll also have the chance to hang out inside the Silver C lounge and explore the (top secret) engineering room. While the goal was for the hotel to begin taking reservations in 2020, that has now been pushed back.

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Many, including The Points Guy, have been comparing the experience to one of Disney's cruise ships with a similar otherworldly, off-the-ground feel to it. This is especially true since meals and activities are included in the overall hotel package experience, making the whole thing feel more like an all-inclusive vacation. In order to make the experience feel even more authentic, the windows in the hotel won't reflect back Florida's sunny skies and palm trees. Rather, they'll be showing scenes from outer space and interstellar constellations, making the whole thing echo what one would actually see if they were on a spacecraft.

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