As if the magical theme parks of Disney didn’t have enough reasons for you to visit them this summer.

At Disney’s California Adventure, one of their most famous venues located in Anaheim, California, the amusement park has recently introduced a new drink that people are just craving to try - though this time, it’s to only be enjoyed by the adults.

Shortly after the rumours had spread about Disney selling alcohol-infused beverages, the company has announced a new addition to their park in Anaheim. After a long morning - or night - spent at the grounds, people can head over to Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream for a relaxing reward. While the menu did not offer this many options when it first opened in 2012, guests over 21 can now order hard ice cream floats for both a good sugar rush and a decent buzz.


A perfect combination, and when served by the experts of Clarabelle’s shop, it doesn’t get any better. Customers now have the option to pair their favourite ice cream flavor with their choice of hard root beer, hard orange soda, Guinness, or Michelada (which is cleverly called the MichHelado).

Each float is designed with a small ice cream bar sinking from the top, because it can’t be a Disney drink without some extra glamour. Expectantly, the cost of a float is $10.49 USD, and while that may be quite a bit of money for a small cup, remember that you’re buying it at a theme park. Seems worth it now, right?

Although this new addition is expected to be the highlight of the summer, you can also try one of their many other treats from the menu. A fan favourite is the Kitchen Sink, which consists of a sundae of your choice served in a small kitchen sink. You’re right to be confused by this description: basically, the kitchen sink is a square-like bowl shaped like Mickey Mouse’s shorts where the ice cream sits, with Mickey Mouse gloves being used as the sink’s taps. If you’re still confused, that’s alright - all that matters is that it tastes good.

Another fan favourite is the Oswald Sundae and the Iridescent Cupcake, which you also have to try. Though if you happen to be the only adult responsible for a birthday party at Disney’s California Adventure, then I suggest you just stick to the alcoholic beverage.