Disney's back catalog is absolutely filled to the brim with movies, some of which are more popular than others. As such, some franchises are a bit more well-represented than others in the Disneyland theme park. We're really missing out on some of the absolute classics in the park. Today, we're going to be taking a look at 10 different franchises that Disney doesn't represent well enough in the park. There's quite a few of those to get through, so let's get into the list.

10 Aladdin

Ever since Disney decided that Frozen was rightfully on track for world domination, Aladdin hasn't gotten any representation in the park. The show in California Adventure was replaced with a Frozen show, and Aladdin's Oasis was also swiftly removed. While you can still meet Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie in the park, there's no other form of representation for them in the park, which is a shame, considering how much of a beloved classic that the original film is.

9 Mulan

Can you believe, the savior of China, has absolutely no representation in the parks? While she does get somewhat of a boon during the Lunar New Year, she's basically non-existent every other time of year. You'll rarely have a chance to meet her in Disneyland, and there is virtually no merch in the park representing the film. Like, that pin kiosk in California Adventure already has a red dragon on it, why not just name it Mushu? It's like they're trying to make Mulan as much of a non-entity as much as possible.

8 Big Hero 6

Alright, now listen. Big Hero 6 doesn't need all the representation in the world, it obviously isn't one of the most massive Disney films. Still, it does need at least some sort of representation. And there's one type of representation that would completely trump all of the others. A Baymax hug machine. How can you not have a station that features a meet and greet with Baymax? A picture and a free hug with this boy? An absolute necessity. How this hasn't been implemented yet is an absolute tragedy. They're probably busy trying to make Galaxy's Edge feel a bit emptier.

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7 The Lion King

Sure, The Lion King did get a small boost from the live-action film, but it still has nowhere near enough representation in the parks. The Lion King's live-action version is currently Disney's highest-grossing animated film and the seventh highest-grossing film of all time. The original certainly isn't a slouch either. There's simply no reason that we don't have a ride dedicated to this film in either of the parks. There's no reason to assume that we'll never get a ride, but it seems pretty unlikely as of now.

6 Lilo And Stitch

Lilo and Stitch is one of Disney's most beloved franchises of all time. 20-30-year-olds are basically in love with it, and we know you love profit, Disney. So, you know, get on it. Any sort of Lilo and Stitch attraction would be great. It could be a ride, it could be a restaurant, it really could be just about anything, and it would be loved. You really can't even find Stitch for meet and greets many places in the park, only special events. A cardinal sin.


WALL-E deserves absolutely everything, and Disney is a monstrous corporation for the dust that they pay him. You can only find Wall-E on Pixar Pier and in the World of Color. Sure, this is a bit better than some of the other entries on this list, but it still isn't good. WALL-E deserves an entire museum dedicated to him. Some plushies and a painting are NOT going to cut it. Let's start his revolution.

4 Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph could easily be represented in the park, and it really should be. The first and second movies were both massive hits, and the second finally gave us the princess crossover that we really deserve, so let's honor the movie for that. There could easily be rides based on the film, that would be easy. They could also install some arcade cabinets of the many games featured in the films if they really wanted to be edgy. This is certainly something that could be done in the future.

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3 Zootopia

Judy Hopps is literally an icon, and y'all don't give her the respect she deserves. Thank you, Judy, for your service. While you can meet Judy and Nick in California Adventure, there could be a bit more Zootopia representation in the park. Obviously, not every single franchise can get an entire ride, so let's get creative with this one. Rather than a ride, Zootopia will be represented through a bit of entertainment. A new show, featuring the iconic singer Gazelle. Can you imagine being serenaded with Try Everything in the middle of Disneyland? The definition of thriving.

2 Bambi

Bambi... well, maybe this one is a bit too much for all of the kids. The film, of course, is incredibly sad. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't have any representation of it in the parks. Maybe a nice little statue or area themed around it, something like Tarzan's Treehouse. That would be a nice way to represent the film without making too many children cry. A ride through the movie would likely be just a hint too traumatic for the children.

1 The Jungle Book

It's a sad fact that The Jungle Book features very, very limited amounts of representation in the parks. Besides some merch options here and there, the only place that you're going to be seeing any of The Jungle Book is through the cute little show, Mickey and the Magical Map. That entire show is basically just a small little thumbs-up to all of the franchises that are horribly underrepresented in the parks, as it features this film, Mulan, Pocahontas and The Princess and the Frog. Let Baloo Bear free, let him run around the park and meet us all. It's what he deserves.

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