Visitors to Disney are used to innovative rides and attractions, and it should be no surprise that the new Star Wars themed land will include some particularly interesting new attractions; including an interactive experience where behavior on rides affects the behavior of entertainers in the rest of the park! The Star Wars land is planned to open at Disneyland in the summer of 2019, and is called Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

This addition to the Disney Parks experience is highly anticipated, and it seems that Galaxy's Edge is truly going to be as immersive as possible. The intention is to allow fans to feel like they are really inside the world of their favorite fandom, and with Galaxy's Edge, Disney is taking things one step further: creating a world where your performance in some attractions will create a long-term storyline that carries over to other areas of the land.


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One of the biggest attractions is sure to be Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run, in which guests are able to fly the Millenium Falcon (in groups of six). The 'flight' will differ each time, as the actions of the pilot are played out in real time on a screen - much like a video game, rather than a conventional amusement park ride. In addition, your performance as a pilot will be tracked - and guests can have their flight referenced by bartenders and shopkeepers in other parts of the park, saying things such as 'The boss isn’t happy about how you brought the ship back', if a flight didn't go well.

This is the first time that Disney has tried something like this, and is part of an 'interactive, story-building experience throughout the land'. How this will work on a practical level has yet to be revealed, although presumably the data will be connected to guest wristbands so that entertainers will be able to read it. (This is just speculation, however.) It's also reassuring to know that guests have the option to opt-out of this immersive story-building. There's no need to fear that a bad run in the Millenium Falcon will follow you around the rest of your time in the park! However, for those looking to truly get into the world, this is a fantastic way to do it.

Other attractions that Star Wars fans can look forward to at Galaxy's Edge include a winding attraction called Rise Of The Resistance, patrolled by Stormtroopers, and a bar called Oga's Cantina. In another Disney first, Oga will be the first public restaurant in Disneyland to serve alcohol (themed to Star Wars, including Blue Milk). It seems that Galaxy's Edge is definitely geared to fans of all ages, and that it is going to be like nothing Disney guests have seen before.

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