Disneyland Just Had The Hottest Day Ever Recorded At Any Disney Park

Global warming is real, folks. This past weekend, the temperature at Disneyland in Anaheim reached 114°F, marking the highest recorded temperature at the park since it opened in 1955. It is also the highest temperature ever at any of the Disney properties, which also include Orlando, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The heat was so suffocating that officials were forced to close all outdoor rides, including Big Thunder and Mountain Railroad. Several food vendors also called it a day. For those with a high tolerance for heat, it was a good day to visit the park, since it was practically empty.

Disney first aid staff were on alert in case any visitors became dehydrated. “There was one medic run right after the other,” one park cast member said.

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The heatwave coincided with the park websites and app not working, which made it impossible to use the MaxPass app. Park employees issued handwritten notes to anybody who said they had bought a pass. The park tweeted, “A temporary system outage is affecting multiple websites and apps across our company, and we are working to quickly resolve the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Also, the high temperatures considerably shortened the lines for rides, and most visitors could walk right on. “It reminded me of the 90s, before Fastpass, and how easy it was to traverse the park and get on rides,” Brian Pinsky of MiceChat wrote. “If it weren’t for the ridiculous heat, it would have been the perfect day.”

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If you are willing to brave the heat at Disney, the park recommends the cooling towel, which is on sale for $17. To use the towel, you wet it, wring it and then snap it to activate the cooling effect, which lasts for several hours. The towel is machine washable and reusable.

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The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Southern California Edison reported Monday that the heatwave has caused thousands of customers to lose power over the weekend. Crews had restored power to about 76,000 customers since Friday, but by Monday, nearly 8,000 residents were still without power. The DWP stated that people may have to wait a day or two for power to be restored.

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