There are certain jobs that seem like they would be a lot more enjoyable than others. Working in retail at a store or shopping mall is often a teenage rite of passage but it can be pretty boring, and it's hard to imagine being in some professions that don't appeal to us. Working at Disney, on the other hand, always seems like an exciting idea. You would get to spend time at this wonderful place, and you must have some true adventures, right?

It turns out that the reality is different than what we might be assuming, at least in some ways. Wondering what it's like to work at Disneyland? Here are what some former employees have said.


It Can Be A Pretty Tough Job

Even though Disneyland is a magical environment, it seems like the job can be pretty exhausting. In one Reddit thread, a former employee who was in the Custodial Bussing Department said that it was difficult to work during special holidays like Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July.

A former employee at Disneyland Resort posted on Glassdoor that they didn't like some things about the job: "Not enough hours, work in all weather conditions." Someone else said that standing for so long was tough on their knees, which definitely sounds like it would be difficult to deal with. A former employee who was at Disneyland for four years starting in 2000 said on Reddit that it could get really hot and you would have to drink a ton of water in order to get through the day. They also said they felt like they were simply one of many employees and that they weren't that special, noting that it often felt like they were "a cog in the machine."

Another part of the job that can be tricky is that your costumes have to be flawless 24/7. A former employee told Go Banking Rates, "I had heart-framed sunglasses, and I had worn them with my costume walking from my car, but I’ve had managers who said I can’t wear them."

People Say The Money Isn't That Great

According to Go Baking Rates, the money isn't that great for some Disneyland employees. Someone who used to work there spoke to the publication and said that it was minimum wage. They said that working in merchandising pays the least amount and if you're doing "manual labor" then you could get a higher pay rate. She was quoted saying, "they definitely start you low."

According to a review on Glassdoor, a former employee said, "the worst is working so much with very little to say knowing the people across the street at IHOP are making more money than you." Another said, "pay is low."

The former employee from 2000 to 2004 posting on Reddit also said that the money isn't great. They said that it's not the kind of job that has longevity and that it's mostly for younger adults who are still getting their education: "It was a fun job. Once you are there long enough though, you realize that you can't really make a life for yourself on near-minimum wage. Hence why most kiddies work there until they are done with school."

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There Are Some Magical Aspects

There are definitely some aspects of working at Disneyland that are magical and make it worth it, though. Go Banking Rates says there are merchandise and food discounts, which would be great. While they don't work on everything, it seems like that would still be worth it, especially since you would get pretty hungry while working at the parks.

If you work at Disneyland, you do have this awesome benefit: you can get in without having to pay anything. Go Banking Rates explains, "However, you can only bring three people in with you for free each visit, and the number of free visits you earn depends on the hours you work there." One employee said it could be ten, five, or sixteen times that you would be allowed to get in without having to pay anything. You also are able to see certain things that no one else can, like getting a sneak peek of a ride that isn't open to the public yet. If you're a huge Disney fan (and you probably would be if you wanted to work there), that would be really cool.

While there are some things about working at Disneyland that aren't perfect, such as hot weather, working holidays, and not getting high pay, you do get into the parks without having to pay. And it seems like if you're really into Disney, working at this magical place would still be an interesting experience, even with some of the not so great parts.

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