Disneyland opened its doors in 1955, with its sister location in Florida opening not long after in 1965. Both parks take pride in their ability to maintain a modern and pristine hub of entertainment, which is why Disney Execs are quick to kick older rides to the curb. While Disney World and Disneyland continuously provide comfort and fun to people of all ages, the creatives behind the mammoth of a theme park want to make sure that they are on top of today's favorite characters and stay in tune with modern trends.

Both parks have done away with more than a handful of rides each, with some only staying the parks for a few years. And while there are some rides that have been cemented to the grounds since opening day, there are more that have been uplifted from the Disney properties altogether. See if you can remember these 10 Disneyland and Disney World rides that were shut down.

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10 10. Disney World: 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA

This aquatic ride was modeled after the classic novel of the same name. The film version came out in 1954, commissioned by none other than Walt Disney Productions. Naturally, they decided to take the popular film and turn it into one of the first rides in Disney World. The underwater illusion ride took seated passengers through a marine voyage in a makeshift submarine. The ride went through the Lost City of Atlantis, the North Pole, and ended with a terrifying escape from a giant squid. The ride closed in 1994 because it was too expensive to maintain.

9 9. Disneyland: Midget Autopia

This ride was a special invention for the intended purpose of giving small. children a sense of independence. Opening in 1957, Midget Autopia gave children who were too small to ride Autopia or even Junior Autopia a chance to drive on Disney's famous rack track themselves. Generally for kids under four years old, this ride allowed kids to ride without their parent on a predestined track, but with a shiftable steering wheel for good measure. The ride eventually closed 1966 to make room for it's a small world.

8 8. Disney World: THE TIMEKEEPER

This ride was one of a kind and the first ever to merged audio-animatronic effects with a Circle-Vision movie. The storyline for the film took the audience on a journey through the ages, hitting time periods such as the Jurrasic Age and the Renaissance. It was more of an educational endeavor, but the ride wasn't without its thrills. The Timekeeper (voiced by Robin Williams) along with his buddy, Nine Eye, accidentally take the classic writer Jules Verne on their time-travel journey. The Timekeeper was a favorite at Disney World parks, however, it completed its run after twelve years and was replaced by the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

7 7. Disneyland: Rainbow Caverns Mine Train

The Rainbow Caverns Mine Train was located in Frontierland as a part of the Living Desert system. The miniature train took its passengers through the desert where they would see animated fixtures that Disney is famous for, such as the animatronic cacti.

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It opened in 1956, just a year after Disneyland's grand opening, but was closed and added into a redesign that Disney had hoped would emphasize more humor. Soon, Rainbow Caverns Mine Train became a part of Nature's Wonderland, although this ride also shut down in favor of the thrill ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


Despite the fact that the Disney princess' name is in the title, Snow White does not even appear in this Disney World attraction. This bizarre ride took place in the dwarf's mining cave, with passengers strolling along a guided path in a mine cart. Guests can see Snow White's cottage in the distance, but they are suddenly taken off track and into a route in the forest. The Evil Queen has turned into the Witch and his chasing passengers through the wooded area as she tries to derail the cart by pushing a large gem towards them. The ride was redesigned in 1994 to include more characters,  but it eventually closed for good in 2012.

5 5. Disneyland: Flying Saucers

The Flying Saucer Disneyland ride was only opened for a mere five years. From 1961 - 1966, park guests could hop into their own mini floating UFO saucer that was operated with air mechanics like those seen on air hockey game tabletops. Naturally, this ride could be found in Tomorrowland, but because the upkeep was too expensive, they eventually had to let this one go.

4 4. Disney World: MR. TOAD’S WILD RIDE

Despite its adolescent storyline, this ride was actually pretty grim. The exterior was dark and daunting that had sharp twists and turns that many parents deemed too aggressive. Because of this, the ride was replaced by The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh in 1998.

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However, its replacement still pays homage to Mr. Toad's Wil Ride. If you get a chance, see if you can spot the portrait of Toad and Moley that is still a part of the Winnie the Pooh themed attraction. 

3 3. Disneyland: Adventure Thru Inner Space

For almost twenty years, Disneyland's Adventure Thru Inner Space was a prominent ride in Tomorrowland. The premise of the ride told passengers that they would be shrunk to a size smaller than an atom so that they could board their own "Atommobiles." Once riders passed through the Monsanto Mighty Microscope, objects (such as a snowflake) appeared to be larger than life. This was one of Walt Disney's many scholarly attractions and was the first ever to use the Omnimover system.

2 2. Disney World: ALIEN ENCOUNTER

Disney World had the Alien Encounter ride running from 1994 to 2003. The ride's commissioners, predominately Disney's CEO Michael Eisner, wanted the ride to be intense. It was reworked several times before they were satisfied, which delayed the official grand opening until 1995. Passengers would enter X-S Tech, a fictional establishment that would capture aliens and other extraterrestrials for experiments. There most recent capture then tries to warn the passengers in the circular arena of X-S Tech's true intentions and eventually saves them when the company tries to demolish the entire building--with riders still inside. The ride was so intense that it was replaced by a more family-friendly attraction: Stitch’s Great Escape!

1 1. Disneyland: Honey, I Shrunk The Audience

Based off of the then-popular Honey, I Shrunk the Kids film series, this ride lasted in Disneyland from 1994 until 2010. The synopsis had riders immersed in an Inventor of the Year Award Ceremony where the father from the films, Wayne Szalinski, is receiving an award. However, when he goes to demonstrate his miraculous shrinking device, he accidentally shrinks the audience to molecular size. The entire seated arena is then lifted, chased, and almost eaten on several occasions before they are safely returned to their normal size.

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