Meeting a character at Disneyland is something of an art. You don't simply meet characters. If you want to meet the rarest of the rare, things must be done very carefully. The Disneyland app is studied.

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Plans are formed in advance for these characters. Today, we're going to be taking a look at ten Disneyland characters that are a rarity to see. If you find them, make sure to take the opportunity. Let's jump right in.

10 Mulan

As the savior of China, Mulan is often pretty busy. Thus, she's a hard one to find. While she's out a lot more during the Lunar New Year (more on that one later), she can be spotted here and there at other times. She's usually out by the front gate, and her presence isn't usually noted on the app. Thus, if you're wanting to see Mulan, a good strategy is to check the entrance anytime you find yourself on Main Street. Seem a bit obsessive? Well, it absolutely is. We're trying to meet China's hero people, she's busy and we need to take that opportunity when we have it.

9 Pocahontas

Another rare see at Disneyland is Pocahontas. She has to see what's around the river bend, so she doesn't always have time to stop in and check on us lowly people. Pocahontas has actually had a bit of a resurgence recently and can be seen around once a week if you're lucky.

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She's usually hiding around Frontierland and Adventureland, so basically, just station someone at every exit to make sure that she is spotted the second she enters. If you do meet her, please try and find out how her hair does... literally everything that it does. I want constant movement in no wind too.

8 Maleficent

Maleficent is a character that you could miss very easily if you aren't specifically looking for her. While the Evil Queen is out and about pretty often, Maleficent is usually only available for meet and greets around Halloween time. The best bet you'll have for meeting this character is going to one of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Parties. She's much more of an easier find there, so we don't need to be nearly as obsessive as we were for the previous two entries.

7 Gaston

Gaston is another character that has seen a bit of a resurgence since the release of the live-action Beauty and the Beast film. However, this face character is still certainly a rare one.

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However, you'll certainly want to take the opportunity to meet him if you can, as his self-absorbed personality is a blast to interact with face-to-face. His appearances are very limited, so if you happen to be in the park while he is as well, certainly go for it.

6 Flynn Rider

Most of the Disney princes are a non-entity at Disneyland. I mean, don't two of them literally share the name Prince Charming? No one really cares about them. With the obvious exception of Aladdin, most of the princes don't get much character development in the first place. However, unlike others, Rapunzel's Flynn Rider can be spotted in the park. He's only with Rapunzel when he is out, and he isn't always with her when she's around, so he is certainly still a rarity. Meet Flynn if you happen to see him.

5 Redd

The red-clad woman who was once being sold at an auction on the Pirates ride is now a pirate herself. Glo-up, promotion, power-move, she's doing it all. A force to be reckoned with, Redd can now actually be met outside of the ride if you're lucky.

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She's not always around, but she is at the very least comparable to many of the other members on the list. Plus, she's actually listed on the app, so finding her is a bit easier than some of the others.

4 Dr. Facilier

The Shadow Man from The Princess and the Frog is an absolute joy to meet, as he is just wonderfully rude and condescending when you meet him. Love that for us. He will sass you just as much as other villains in the park, and is a bit more prevalent than some of them.

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He's usually at the park one or two days a week, usually on the Mark Twain Riverboat. If you want to be demeaned by a tall man in a very large hat, Dr. Facilier is the man for you.

3 Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow is actually a meetable character at Disneyland. This may come as a surprise to many, as he is an incredibly rare character. He comes around in spurts, sometimes in back to back days before he's gone again.

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This character is a face character, so you'll get some very memorable interactions out of him if you do manage to meet him. If you see Captain Jack Sparrow appear on your Disney app, certainly make sure to get in line to meet the pirate. Note, 99% of the time he will not be played by Johnny Depp. Don't get your hopes up.

2 Jafar

Jafar is a character that is usually only reserved for special events. While he is obviously available to meet at Halloween functions throughout September and October, you'd be lucky to meet him anywhere else.

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He is rarely available during some character breakfasts and other events, so while he isn't exclusive to Halloween events, he is certainly a rarity. If you manage to see Jafar, take the opportunity to go and meet with him. Just... don't offer to go raid any caverns for him... wait, do that. Genies are pretty handy to have around.

1 Mushu

Mushu is almost never at Disneyland, as he is only available in the month of February for Lunar New Year events. Seems like they're trying to erase him from both the movies and the parks... interesting. Anyway, he's usually paired with Mulan when he is around, so you'll be able to meet two of the characters on this list for the price of one. With only a select few days of the year that Mushu is at the park, take advantage of the opportunity to meet Mushu if he arrives.

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