When you invest in a trip to Disneyland, you can be assured you'll have a good time. With all the meticulously thought-out details and planning, there's a reason Disney Parks are the world's most recognised theme parks.

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But with such a reputation comes massive crowds, flocking to Disney's first park from all corners of the globe. Some families want to make a point of going on every ride Disneyland Anaheim has to offer, but if you did, you'd spend more time waiting in line than actually enjoying the on rides. Everyone knows how expensive Disney tickets are-- you'll want to prioritise rides, so take a look at Disney's greatest (and not-so-great) rides.

10 Worth It: Splash Mountain

You can find the classic log drop ride at Disneyland Anaheim, Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland, and Splash Mountain remains one of the most popular rides at all three parks. Prepare to get wet: Disneyland's Splash Mountain drop is 2640 feet!

After a ten-minute cruise through the mountain accompanied by Br'er Rabbit and Br'er Fox, riders are sent over the edge of the mountain into a briar patch. The final plunge is the highlight of the ride, and the long wait in line is worth it.

9 Skip It: Casey Jr. Circus Train

Reminiscent of the circus train from the beloved Disney movie, Dumbo, the Casey Jr. Circus Train carries passengers around the park, past structures from classic Disney movies from Aladdin to Cinderella.

It's a treat to see this whimsical little train chugging along through Fantasyland, with its colourful carriages and passengers sitting in wild animal cages. But the slow-moving journey shows you just about everything you'll see while walking through the park, so it's more practical to just catch a glimpse of the train as it's making its rounds.

8 Worth It: Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney's legendary Pirates of the Caribbean ride became so iconic that it inspired the namesake movie franchise. Riders board a boat that sails through dark passages while pirates and other questionable characters jeer and interact with passengers. You might even spot a few familiar faces from the films.

Disneyland first unveiled the Pirates ride in 1967, being the last ride overseen by Walt Disney himself (though it's gone through a few changes since). Whether or not you're a fan of the movies, Pirates of the Caribbean is a quintessential part of the Disneyland experience.

7 Skip It: Astro Orbiter

Astro Orbiter is the extravagant centrepiece to the entrance of Tomorrowland, the futuristic-themed park at Disneyland. The rocket-spinner ride can fit two passengers to a pod, which whirls around the planets with views over Tomorrowland.

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With only two per rocket pod, the lines for Astro Orbiter are painfully long and slow moving, and since the duration of the ride is less than two minutes long, you can probably find another, more rewarding ride. If you do plan to wait out the line, make sure to slather on the sunscreen because you'll be standing in direct sunlight.

6 Worth It: Haunted Mansion

Fans of haunted houses rejoice, for Disney has created its own unique take on the classic attraction, and those who find haunted houses frightening, fear not--the Haunted Mansion is more quirky than scary.

Follow the mansion's resident ghosts through its walls, from the ballroom to the seance room, while the spectres narrate in song. The mansion is branded as a "happy haunt," so even young children will find the ride enchanting. Whatever your age (or length of the line), the Haunted Mansion is not to miss.

5 Skip It: Pinocchio's Daring Journey

How can you dislike Pinocchio? the adorable wishful-thinking puppet won over hearts in the 1940 film of the same name, and continues to enchant children to this day. But that doesn't necessarily mean the Pinocchio-themed ride at Disneyland will.

The tunnel ride isn't as engaging as Disney's other dark rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, and it can be a bit too stimulating for small children. Older children may enjoy the ride, and while there are worse ways to spend the three minutes it takes to ride, Pinocchio's Daring Journey leaves something to be desired.

4 Worth It: Matterhorn Bobsleds

Take a trip to Switzerland on the Matterhorn Bobsleds. The reconstruction of the recognisable Matterhorn peak in the Alps is one of Disney's finest, and the world's first tubular steel continuous track roller coaster.

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Once riders have boarded the bobsled, it speeds around the mountain, keeping passengers safe from the Abominable Snowman who pursues the sled. The Matterhorn is exclusive to Disneyland Anaheim, so make sure to ride it while you're here, because you won't find it on next year's trip to Disney World.

3 Skip It: Snow White's Scary Adventures

Die-hard Disney Parks fans will love Snow White's Scary Adventures--it's one of the few remaining rides from the park's first opening in 1955. Passengers are taken on a journey through the haunted forest and into the Evil's Queen's lair, while the witch herself threateningly follows.

The dark backdrop and cackling crows and ravens might be too scary for young children, though, and older kids and adults might find the ride a bit confusing. It doesn't follow the storyline of the movie, and for all the menacing witch appearances, nothing much happens. It may even only exist for nostalgia purposes--the ride was even shut down at Disney World.

2 Worth It: Mad Tea Party

Perhaps Disney's most iconic ride, the Mad Tea Party, or spinning teacups, has grown so popular that you can find it at five of Disney's six parks. Join Alice and the Mad Hatter at the Unbirthday Party and shrink down to teacup size to fit into this ride.

Theme parks around the world have created spinning rides mimicking the Mad Tea Party after the ride's success, but you'll never find a teacup ride quite so perfect anywhere else. Everyone from small children to adults will be enchanted by the teacups, and since you control the speed at which it spins, you can avoid getting too dizzy.

1 Skip It: King Arthur Carrousel

The King Arthur Carrousel is beautiful--built in 1922, it ran for a number of years at Sunnyside Beach Park in Toronto, Canada before being moved to Anaheim in 1955. The  artfully painted horses almost transport you to the Golden Age, and you'll be hard pressed to find a prettier carousel.

That said, in the end it is just a carousel, which you can find at theme parks, fun fairs, and carnivals all over the world. It plays a catchy little jingle and slowly rotates, just like any other. Make sure to admire the craftsmanship of King Arthur Carrousel, but your precious time at Disneyland is probably better used elsewhere.

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