People who flocked to Disney World are promised everything mystical about the site's Magic Kingdom. But a few of them got more than they bargained for if a few bizarre incidents the past year were any indication.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, which combed through several Orange County Sheriff files documents, they discovered some unusual events that Disney movers and shakers would prefer not to have been made public.

AirDrop Messages

At least two incidents involved unsuspecting cellphone users on the premises receiving unsolicited AirDrop messages in their inbox. One freaked out a few teenagers strolling in the Magic Kingdom who discovered on their screens an image of a dog's hindquarters followed by an adult holding a boy lacking a nose.


Another episode involved an older man near the Epcot Test Track attraction who received a picture of what was allegedly a star from the Nickelodeon series I Am Carly, shirtless and covered with spaghetti. Authorities managed to track down the dog image's sender, who profusely apologized but was not charged with anything. The suspect in the spaghetti incident remains at large.

Getting physical

Then there was the case involving a woman eating a turkey leg, a popular fast-food item at Walt Disney World when she was accosted by a man who angrily pointed out pieces of the delicacy she had dropped on the ground. She was shoved and then reported the incident, although the man was never found.

Disney security did manage to corner a man in a wheelchair who pursued a Canadian couple of accusing him and his wife of cutting in line at the Space Mountain Ride. He caught up to them and struck the husband with his cane in the chest, leaving a very visible mark. He was banned from the Disney site, although the couple didn't press charges.

If ya gotta go...

But the weirdest incident during the year involved a Peruvian woman in a lineup for an Animal Kingdom sideshow when she felt something warm and wet against her leg. That's when she discovered a Brazilian man behind her relieving himself. Authorities kicked him out of the park for a day, while the woman received a change of dry clothes.