Disney parks opened the highly awaited restaurant Be Our Guest in December of 2012. The Disney World eatery can be found in Fantasyland where Beauty and the Beast fans will feel as if they just stepped into Belle's provincial world. Be Our Guest is modeled after the Beast's castle with an illustrious library and a grand ballroom which marks the center of the dining room. Along with its appropriately tailored surroundings, the restaurant offers meals presented in the famous "Be Our Guest" musical number from the film. The most popular of which is "the grey stuff."

Lumiere's insistence to "try the grey stuff; it's delicious" spoke to Disney enthusiasts who couldn't wait a second longer to find out what exactly this unique dish is made up of. It's come as no surprise that the dish we have been curious about for the past two decades is a dessert; however, there is plenty more to know about this delectable dish than meets the eye. Here are ten things you didn't know about the grey stuff at dessert at Beast's castle.

The Grey Stuff's exterior look is fitting to its name. However, unlike the version presented in the animated film, the one at Disney parks is a bit more colorful. This dessert (served atop a shortbread cookie), comes with tiny white and grey pearls embedded into the frosting.

But it's not just a smart decorating technique made up by Disney's bakers; these jewels are actually edible so that you can enjoy every inch of this stuff from top to bottom.

7 9. It's Red Velvet Cake

You'll be surprised to find that, once you bite into this dessert, it's made up of more than just creamy mousse. At the center of the Grey Stuff Gateau is a red velvet cupcake!

Right above it, there's is an actual raspberry embedded into the grey stuff, with a dollop of raspberry jam to give it that extra kick. The red velvet version is only offered at Disneyland, however. At Disney World, they use chocolate cake as the centerpiece.

6 8. Cookies and Cream

The intriguing, staple part of this dessert is, obviously, the grey stuff. But what is the grey stuff made out of exactly? Supposedly the full recipe is a trade secret that not even Disney cast members know the full details to.

Essentially, however, the rich, buttery exterior is simply a combination of white chocolate mousse with chocolate cookie pieces (think Oreos) blended in. It makes a lovely cookie and cream mixture that most guests are in favor of. Don't even think about asking for special flavors though; the grey stuff's recipe is immutable and only comes in the one flavor.

5 7. It Comes In Different Forms

Last summer, Disney announced its “enhanced prix fixe menu” during dinner hours. This menu gives guests the option to indulge in a three-course meal, with options available at each course. The best part is the dessert trio platter that's served at the end. Diners will be given three desserts, all of which can be enjoyed heartily right in the middle of the grandiose ballroom.

According to the Disney blog, the treats consist of, "a raspberry macaron with lemon filling and fresh raspberries, a whole Amarena cherry dipped in dark chocolate with hazelnut topping, and a white chocolate Chip cup with our signature Grey Stuff.” That's right, a Chip-shaped chocolate masterpiece with the grey stuff is available for those looking to splurge at Be Our Guest.

4 5. It Was Originally For Special Occasions Only

For the first year that Be Our Guest was open, the grey stuff was actually only available for special occasions. That meant birthday parties, family reunions, engagements: the big stuff.

However, due to the restaurant and the dessert's exceeding popularity, Disney decided to bring out The Master's Cupcake for those who only wish to partake in Fantasyland's quick service food options.

3 4. It Came To California in 2017

While Anaheim, California still doesn't have its own branch of the Be Our Guest Restaurant, it still offers the grey stuff to its guests. However, it took another five years for Southern Californian residents and guests to have access to this unique dessert.

Pinocchio’s Village Haus Restaurant became reimagined to the Red Rose Tavern in 2017 in light of the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson. When the restaurant finally emerged it came bearing the grey stuff in all of its delicious forms.

The Master's Cupcake is available at Disney World for only $3.19! It's almost half the price of the Grey Stuff Gateau which is said to run at about $6.

With the cupcake, you get to enjoy an extra piece of chocolate bark that's perched on top, usually with signage that reads, "Be Our Guest." The Gateau is noticeably a lot bigger in size, so if you are going for the full experience, that might be the way to go!

2 2. Where To Find It

In Disney World, the grey stuff can be inside the Beast's castle in the Be Our Guest restaurant.

It can come as a snack option for the Disney Dining Plan or one of its many varieties can be added on to your lunch or dinner bill. It's available only at the Red Rose Taven in Disneyland in California.

1 1. It Really Is Delicious!

Out of all the reviews online for this Disney-themed dessert, there is only one thing that everyone has repeated: it really is delicious!

Whether or not you're a cupcake fan or a sweets fan, almost every Disney park attendee seems to agree that this is something that everyone will enjoy. So next time you're at one of Disney's parks, be our guest and give it a try!